Thursday, April 16, 2015

Sooo....How ya doing?

Betcha thought I had been abducted by aliens or kidnapped or or perhaps been hit over the head and now have amnesia, yes? Nahh...none of those things have happened....ALTHOUGH.....I do hear my muse singing (she could be an alien) and my job at the grill is taking a good bit of my time (not getting to do my art is like being kidnapped) and memory is as it has always.....ummmm....what were we talking about? HEHEHE.

Soooo...How in the world have YOU been? I really have missed not posting and visiting with you and I promise that I'm working on changing that. Yes, yes I'm still working and LOVING it. So many wonderful, interesting, whimsical peoples I meet. Working has actually gotten my muse to whispering about me starting back my Old Folkes series that I did a few years ago. This new series will be a bit more of old beach bums and bummettes. HEY, remember I do live in a coastal town so I think a series with them would be very fitting. ^_^

Here's a few of the old folkes from the past. All have found new homes with the exception of my Sewing Nana. She turned out to look like my great grandmother so she will always be with me. ^_^

My new ones will be a old mermaids, sea captains, fishermen and of course beach bums and bummettes. I'm soooo looking forward to getting them started. Hope you will come and visit under the old Southern ooak tree and meet these characters.

Until next time..........Hugs with starfish wishes and mermaid kisses,

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