Sunday, May 31, 2015

Dragon tales ummm I mean tail.

Wowzers peoples, please make sure when you are using the Amazing Goop that you are in a well and I do mean very WELL ventilated area. That stuff can make ya dizzy really, really fast. Don't know about YOU but this old gal is dizzy enough all on her own. ^_^

Since the "GOOP" was giving me somewhat of an issue I had to work on the dragon's tail in stages but I did finally get it completed. I added a few more small side scales to it to make it look a bit more dragonish!!

Can't wait to paint it. Well, ok I mean I will have to wait but ya know what I mean. Bahaha

The extra side scales made a difference if I do say so myself, yes?
The underside of said tail. Or I guess you could say "part of the belly of the beast". 

I've already opened up the back door and rolled out the windows so that hopefully today I will only be as dizzy as my normal state is without any further assistance. It's time to add scales to the body. Muahaha!!!

Until next time...............

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