Monday, April 12, 2010

Simple things......

It doesn't take much to make my lil Chazman happy. I guess really I shouldn't call him "LiL" anymore seeing how he is seven. He is growing so fast and Mommie is losing her baby even faster. I am very fortunate in one thing with him though, he has the heart of a faery and a gypsy's soul. Humm, wonder where he got those from? ^_^   Not saying that he isn't a rough and tough boy because believe you me....he IS!!! Just ask Daddy, who is having a hard time these days during "playtime". He is almost being knocked over and or out on some occasions by his lil man.

What I mean by a faery heart and gypsy soul is that he holds things dear to his heart....he appreciates the small, simple things. One of those "simple things" I was told by him today are his plain old brown paper bags I send his snack in each day. Of course, I can't stand seeing a plain, old I turn them into drawing paper.  Ever since the Chazman started school I have always drawn or doodled on his snack bag. Just so he would have something fun to look at while he enjoyed his midday snack. I also did it so I could write a "Mommie love note" on it without making him feel embarrassed by the other "guys" he might be sitting next to sharing that snack with. (Mommie love notes=hearts or XoXo's)  The comment came today because I had not drawn anything on his bag for today. Times are a bit difficult around here lately and my mind tends to wonder off in strange places and ok ok I just kinda forgot to sit down and do it last night. BUT that so won't EVER happen again since I now know that they are bringing a smile to my child's face and as he put it, it let's him know that I am thinking of him even when we are apart.

Something so simple....I never realized what am impression it had made. My love for him turned around and gave me one big HUG and tug at my heart. Have you done something "Simple" for someone lately? Try will both like it!!!!

Chazman's snack bag for tomorrow.

Until next time........HUGS,


  1. What a wonderful thing to do for your child! My Mom used to sometimes surprise me with little notes in my lunch bag! I loved them!

  2. It is so sweet that you do that and it will become a fond memory for him when he is older.

  3. What a beautiful heartfelt post. I am sure your sweet little faerie child will enjoy his lunch bag immensely and that he'll treasure it always. Theresa

  4. Ohhhhh Regina this is the best story. I can actually feel the love. How wonderful. By the way if that is your idea of doodling on a bag, I am in huge trouble. That is a work of art!!!!
    Happy day to you.

  5. I can tell that you are a wonderful mom!

  6. That is so touching! Chazman, lil or not, is lucky to have you for a mom! When my lil guy was about that age, he stopped wanting goodbye hugs in public, so we devised a secret handshake that would suffice.....

  7. I needed to read this today.
    You are a great mom and I'd be missing those lunch bags too--is there anything you CAN'T do well? XOXO

  8. A great way to bring Chazman a smile.