Friday, April 30, 2010

Mingmei Yong...Warrior Princess Faery

In gathering up all my post for today's tour I discovered that I have a faery that was done before I started blogging in June. She was a gift to one of my nieces for her HS graduation in 2008. She is one that I am quiet proud of...the niece and the faery!!! Let me introduce Mingmei Yong...Warrior Princess Faery.
There is an enchanted place, deep in the forest, where if you still believe in magic and open your heart you will see wonders unfold. In this enchanted place there is a tiny warrior Princess that has been given the task of guarding the Fire Lily....the lily that keeps this magical realm alive. All creatures great and small come to breathe in it's gentle fragrance and life force. The Fire lillies are what keep their hearts beating in perfect harmony within the faery world. It's red brilliance gives everlasting light to the faery realm and all of mother natures tiniest creatures.

This warrior Princess goes by the name of "Mingmei Yong" which in our world would translate to "Smart, beautiful and brave one". Her high position in the faery realm is one of  standing tradition, passed down to one special female in her warrior clan. Every 200 years there is a faery born that bears the Dragon markings.  This faery holds the magic within to protect the everlasting Fire Lily's light. Since birth, she has been trained in the heartfelt ways of the Fire Lily. Taught to keep this important flower blooming in bright red brilliance so that the faery world will forever live in harmony, purity and light. To be willing to sacrifice her own life to protect her faery world and to call upon the dragon to aide her should anyone or anything try to keep her from her task.

However, there are those that live deep in the darkness of the caves within the magical realm that want to obtain the Fire Lily....they are known as "The Dark Ones". They can not breathe in the life force of the Fire Lily because of their evil and dark nature. The Dark Ones are ruled by the Elfin Wizard, whom was banned from the light centuries ago.  He wants to put out the light of the Fire Lily so that he will rule all of the feary realm. Mingmei Yong stands guard to make sure that the Dark Ones never touch her world's heart. She stands firm and strong, sword and shield in hand, ready to call upon the Dragon, to guard the precious Fire Lily that she has pledged to protect for the next four hundred years.

Mingmei Yong is one of my gently poseable ooaks. She has a strong wire armature covered in wool yarn. Her face, torso, hands and feet were sculpted using Prosculpt clay. Her face and eyes were hand painted using acrylic paints.  On her back is a hand painted tattoo of a dragon. Her tiny sandals are carved from wood with black rope ties. Her hair is hand dyed lambswool (sheared) Her sword was sculpted from Sculpey clay and then hand painted using acrylic paints and fine MICA powders...tiny crystals can be found on the handle. Her shield is an oriental bone bead. Her wings are some of my hand drawn butterfly wings adorned with several layers of german glass. The black and red in the wings are wool fibers. She stands at 6 1/2 inches tall.

Her base is a dark sealed wooden bowl. Two tiny goldfish swim in the pond surrounding one of the Fire Lillies. They were sculpted from Sculpey clay and then detailed using fine MICA powders. They are swimming in a clear water feature solution. A tiny hand sculpted frog sits on the moss that Mingmei Yong is standing on.

Two tiny friends are standing guard with Mingmei Yong. A tiny butterfly...look close and you can see his tiny face. His wings are some of my hand drawn....adorned the same as Mingmei Yong's. The dragonfly has hand drawn wings as well adorned with tiny gold beading. His body was sculpted from Sculpy clay and detailed using fine MICA powders.

I always enjoying designing and letting my characters come out into the world but there is so much more pleasure in doing them when it's for a loved one. My niece is in college now and still has Mingmei Yong sitting out and tells everyone about her and her story. For Christmas in 2008 she was given another character from the story...Yoshi Yuan, the Dragon. That can be found in another post. As always, thank you for stopping by for a visit to our whimsical world. Come back soon and until then....


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  1. How gorgeous she is! I love that you devise these lovely stories to go along with your creations. Wonderful job, as always! Theresa :)