Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Chazman in pencil...sort of!!!

Taking my breaks from packing and sitting down to doodle has really made me want to get back to my artistic roots and start drawing again. WOW....something that you have to have a talent for but one that you have to practice at too. Last night I decided that I wanted to start practicing in drawings of real people so I found a cute photo of my adorable son....ya'll know him as the "Chazman" and began to doodle. Now keep in mind it's been well over 25 years since I drew a person....a human person that is!!!!

This is the photo I used....such a cutie pie and handsome devil!!

Here is the doodle....I know..I know...I have tons of practicing to do but HEY...he knew it was him without the photo being in sight when he saw that's a good thing, eh?  LOL

Until next time....



  1. Love it! I've not been around for awhile. Where are you moving? I'm moving also. I'm also drawing lately. What is this...some sort of movement??? LOL

  2. You did well--portraits are so hard! Your Chaz has cute cheeks!