Friday, May 14, 2010

Moving Tips....

After spending the entire day packing yesterday I decided I needed to take a break last night. I love to, like most of us I'm sure, surf the net for "just make ya laugh" items.  I have been researching the cheapest way to
move all of our junk treasures and found this funny site with Budget Truck Rentals. Which by the way is just the company we are going to get our truck rental from. So sip on a cuppa joe or a cool glass of sweet, sweet tea and have a giggle.....

Of course I do think I found the perfect way to move.....wish it was just this simple...LOL!!!!!!

Until next time....



  1. LOL! Those are pretty amusing, for sure!

  2. Cute post! Been there, done that on #8 & #72!! I think our house echoes right now, lol!

  3. Too funny Regina! Moving is so stressful, a little humor would definitely come in handy!

  4. How funny!!! A little brevity during a stressful time is always a good thing! Theresa

  5. this point it's laugh or cry...I would much rather LAUGH!!!! LOL

    Hugs to all...have an awesome weekend..ya'll know what I will be doing!!

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