Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!!!

 Today is the day that Dad's get told how much they are appreciated and loved. This should be done every day but especially today.  I hope that you have taken to the time to say "Happy Father's Day" it in person, a card, on the phone or just in your heart.

The Chazman and I, for the past few years, make his "Daddy" a card. We did it in the form of a special award this year with the following poem...written from our hearts.

Bestest of the Best

There are some men that are called “Father”
And I know that I am blessed
For I have a “Daddy”
Bestest of the Best….

He’s always there for me
No matter what the cause
To wipe a tear, to hear my laugh
Or just answer when I call…

He let’s me be the boy I am
Not trying to bend my will
But guide me with his gentle hand
Until one day when I’m a man…

I’m blessed to have my “Daddy”
And I’m so proud to say
That “MY DAD” is the
Bestest of the Best
Each and every day.

I love you Daddy!!

Until next time......



  1. What a beautiful poem! Hope you have enjoyed this day with your family. It's nice to have you back. Theresa

  2. Very sweet! Hope you had a nice day!