Monday, February 28, 2011

Have you tried Beadbacking yet?? WOW

Everyone that knows me....knows that I love to sit under the old Southern Ooaks tree and design my clay whimsy characters.

I also love to dance around the old tree...bringing out my gypsy, bohemian soul that resides inside me. That soul is the one that designs my jewelry pieces.
 I have been going crazy designing new corsage pins and I was getting a bit worried about how I was doing the backing. I have been using felt. Plain simple felt. I LOVE felt but it wasn't really strong enough to support the weight of the fabric roses and the clay beads I have been making to go in them. I was placing all the work on one piece of felt and then placing a piece of cardboard in between another piece of felt to give it strength and just thought..."THERE HAS TO BE ANOTHER WAY...WAHHHHH". Then I remembered my dear friend, Nicole, over at Beadwright and had one of my V8 moments. Yeah..yeah..I do have them every once in awhile..hehe!!!!

Nicole is one awesome, fantastic bead artist AND she sells beading supplies. One of her items she sells is called "Beadbacking" and it is one of the best products....well..I think so!!  What is beadbacking...ya may be asking? Well....let me tell has a thickness just perfect for what I needed. Strong yet perfect for sewing my fabric roses and clay beads straight onto it. You can even glue ribbon, lace or floss onto it. It's perfect for flat bead work too....and applique'.....and gluing on cabochons....and glass beads....and stones and even my pretty little shells we find on our Sunday afternoon beach walks. OK...I think ya understand just how great this product is. I can go on if ya like...^_^  If you bead or make any kind of jewelry then you really need to add some of Nicole's BeadBacking to your supplies.
Beadbacking used on one of my fabric corsages

Nicole sells her beadbacking in 12 x 9 sheets as well as 9 x 6 sheets. So many pretty colors too. She also has the perfect sample kit you can purchase. That's what I'm using and LOVING it. It contains 15 assorted colors in assorted sizes although most of them are cut in 3 x 3 size. I'm telling beading or fabric jewelry designer/artist should be without this amazing product. 

Until next time......HUGS, Regi

Disclaimer: I was in no way paid to do this post...I just simply love this product and wanted to share it with you. To me in our artist community we are "Hearts and Hands" and should always take the time to promote and share for each other. PEACE!!!


  1. Wowowowowow!!!! I need you for my promoter. Thanks so much for the great splash on Nicole's BeadBacking.
    You are the best Regi.
    You can even cut a skull shape out of Nicole's BeadBacking for the Chazman and have in paint it.


  2. I am already a big fan of Nicole's BeadBacking! I don't know how I lived without it! Very nice post, Regi.

  3. Yeah, yeah - I see that big bundle of bead backing under our arm. not pain indeed! *wink, wink*

    LOL - you know I jest - it does sound fabby - I may need to investigate it myself. Your brooches are gorgeous!

  4. Eek spelling is atrocious! Should've read - Yeah, yeah - I see that big bundle of bead backing under your arm. Not paid indeed! *wink, wink*

    Blimey - incriminating myself there!

  5. Wonderful as well as artistic job done. I am really impressed to read it.