Monday, May 16, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Week

It is getting so exciting around the old homestead as another school year is coming to a close. WOW...just where did this year go? The Chazman and I can hardly believe he only has 2 weeks remaining. Ohhh wait...if he was here he would be correcting me real fast like and saying "'s 1 week and 4 days...not 2 weeks". Heaven forgive me...I need to get my information correct. ^_^

We love our school system here and I really don't think there is one anywhere else that is as awesome. Ok.. I'm sure we all feel that way about our schools and where we live BUT ours IS better..hehe..just sayin!!! With that being said...if our schools are awesome then it is because of the wonderful teachers that are there helping to shape and mold our kiddo's minds. I'm very excited that this week has been dedicated to the "teachers" and they so deserve it with all the effort they put into each day. Each day has a special idea we can do to show that special teacher or teachers just how much they are actually appreciated. Here is the breakdown of the week:

*Monday:      Give them Flowers or a small plant
*Tuesday:      Make them a card or write them a letter
*Wednesday: Bake them some cookies or any sweet treat 
*Thursday:     Bring them some school supplies. Post it notes, copy paper, ect.
*Friday:         Donate a book or a G rated movie to their class

I'm really excited about this's a great way to sneak in some handmade gifts for the school year ending to let Ms. Barton know just how much SHE is appreciated. Hummm...wonder if they could move HER up a grade for next year? I know that the Chazman will have an awesome teacher next year too but I truly don't think that we could have asked for a better one this year. THANK YOU MS. BARTON!!!!!

Monday's gift....a corsage of fabric flowers.

I have gone ahead and made up Tuesday's gift as well. The Chazman wanted me to make it and leave room for him to sign. Ohhh..I make it way to easy for him sometimes!! He did tell me to put somewhere in the card that Ms. Barton was the he did help with the card too. Everyone that comes to visit with me knows that I adore faeries. I thought if I could find a vintage picture with faeries and children then that would be the front of the card. I knew right where to go to find one too. This blog is one that I LOVE to just look at all of her amazing graphics. Just looking can get my muse to singing. (and we all know how much she loves to sing and whisper to me) This blog has just about everything you could use when making.....ohhh.... let's just say....ANYTHING!!! Hummmm...I guess I could give you the name of it and let you see for yourself. Should I? Of course I should.....just teasing you a bit!! The name of the blog is "The Graphics Fairy". 

See....I told you that she has soooo many wonderful photos and graphics and now that you are back from visiting with the her let me show you the picture that I used to make the front of the card with. 

Perfect....right? I just love the vintage children story book illustrations. There is just something about the muted colors. All I had to do was add some glitter and "POOF" the front of the card was done. I also used one of the Graphics Fairy's background papers for the inside of the card along with a page from one of my old vintage books. I added a note to the top of the old paper and there was the inside of the card. 

Notice in the upper right corner....the little faery with the tassle hanging down? That is one of my handmade paper corner bookmarks. So simple to make (if anyone would be interested in the "How to" just let me know and I will do a tut for it) I not only wanted to give Ms. Barton a card but I wanted to add a tiny "thank you" gift to it as well. One that she can use and remember the Chazman for years to come. Here is a closer look at the bookmark.

Now most would think that the card is would be so soo WRONG!!!! I wanted this to be a thank you card as well as a memory card so for the back I added a photo of the Chazman. He picked out which one he wanted to cutie pie lil man!!!

I'm so happy that the school is wanting the kiddos and parents to show their appreciation but HECK I would have done it anyways. 

Until next time...........Hugs, Regi

Muse whispering that she thinks a tiny cupcake with a faery sitting on top would be a cute idea for Wednesday...we will see!!!


  1. I think I want to be a teacher in your neck of the woods, blimey, they get a lot of pressies! I love your corsage, and I am sure the teacher will as well.

  2. Love the fabric flowers!! I know his teacher is going to love them all. The photo of Chaz is such a great idea too, makes it so much from memorable!! You are such a great mom Regina!

  3. Wow....makes me kinda wish I became a teacher! Great stuff Regi. The Chazman looks so adorable with that head of hair!

  4. What a lucky teacher to have you and the Chazman as part of her daily life! ALL of your presents are wonderful- but my fave is that beautiful's just wonderful! I hope you listen to your muse re the faerie and cupcake....what a great idea!

  5. Mrs. Barton will feel very special by the end of the week for sure with your wonderful gifts!

  6. This is very sweet of you! Thank you for taking the time to show your appreciation to teachers!

  7. You are an awesome mom...wish I was your sons teacher. We have just a few days left in school too, and Buster, my 12 year old has broken both wrists and missed out on the track meet that he was so looking forward to. Oh well, that just gives the others a chance to win

  8. Not nearly enough recognition goes to teachers---OR great Moms like you!

    I can't believe that summer is almost here, ah, but you have constant updates from the CHAZMAN!

    Peace Always,
    the DragonLady

    P.S. Yes, you should do a tutorial on how you do that corner bookmark! And the fabric roses. . .

  9. Regi - our school did this, too, and I loved getting the chance to say thank you to my kids' teachers. Isn't it the best idea? My kids loved taking in the little cards and gifts. It all sort of changes when they get to middle school and there are 5 billion different teachers. I miss that about elementary school. Chaz is so cute!!! Love the bookmark. She is gonna love it all. xox Pam