Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tropical Tuesday

A good friend is staying at the state park down here and called this morning to ask if I wanted to go and sit on the beach for awhile. I told her to let me think about it. Well...that thought took all of 2 seconds...LOL!!        She came and picked me up and off we went. I have to admit that I felt a twang of guilt at going since the Chazman was in school and he wouldn't get to go but that thought lasted about a second too. Ohhh not really...I always feel guilty when I go somewhere and he doesn't get to come...which is why I usually don't go anywhere without him BUT I'm glad I went today. Everyone needs that occasional one on one time with a good friend.

Every time that we have gone on the weekends, the beach has been so crowded but today...well....there were only a few people. It was nice sitting and listening to the waves and talking. However...we weren't alone for to long.
It began with one lil bird catching his morning snack.
 Then it was one lil guy just sitting and watching the waves coming in...just like we were.
Then it was several more of his friends just sitting and watching.
Then a few more dropped in.
All of a sudden...we didn't feel quite so all alone anymore.

Deb and I both sat there and just watched these characters and characters is a perfect word to describe a seagull too. They aren't afraid to sit next to you. Of course we all know the reason for that....they are just waiting for you throw some of those crackers you are eating in their direction. They will sit and hummmmm at you....they will laugh at you and they will sit and just stare at you. Deb and I both had two get very close to us.
Deb's lil friend posing for his closeup!!
My lil friend fastly became five more and I think they were looking at me toes. I plainly heard one of them saying "MINE MINE MINE"

It was a lovely day....being with a good friend....soaking up the sun....listening to the ocean sing her song and being entertained by such a funny group of characters. Who could ask for more?

Ohhh we figured out the perfect way to walk across the hot sand too.......just let a friend carry you!!!!

Until next time......HUGS, Regi


  1. Mine, mine, MINE-one of my all time favorite movies- thanks fro the smile! I love that you were able to have some friend time- it's funny what a basic thing that is and how hard it is to make happen sometimes :)
    I LOVE the seagull piggy back ride too- that's wonderful!
    Glad you had such a good day!

  2. I am so jealous that you spent the day on the beach!!!!! Fun shots! Aren't they interesting critters?

  3. A few hours spent with a good friend is a fabulous tonic, and we can all use some of that occasionally. Lovely photos.