Friday, July 22, 2011

WIP it Friday

Those that come to visit me here and sit under my old Southern ooaks trees know that I love going to estate sales, yard sales and antique/flea markets. Yes..I will openly admit that I am one that is very addicted to the "treasure hunts". On my adventures my muse is always looking for items to use as bases (and you had so better not get in her way when she is doing so because she takes her treasure hunting very seriously. Picture a female Capt Jack...hehe and be thankful that there aren't any planks around to walk)

In looking through some of my craft cubbie spaces, I found one such base from a past estate sale treasure hunting adventure. My muse started buzzing around and just couldn't get hold of herself. (she had better be happy I couldn't either...swatting at ear....pesky lil fae) I had completely forgotten about this one. It's a vintage porcelain piece of a hummingbird and a flower. My muse started whispering in my ear (yes I was still swatting at her) that a tiny lil fae would be perfect standing on top of the hummingbird trying to smell the flower. (ok..yes..she had a great idea so I stopped swatting at her.....for now) Here is the base that caused such a stir   and swatting session:

I have started working on the wings for the lil fae and decided to do some of my fabric ones. I love making these. I have the sewing completed on one of the wings but still have the bead work to do on it. I designed a butterfly wing for this one.
I guess you know what I will be working on this weekend. It's a rainy day today so it's the perfect time to sit curled up in my sewing chair and finish the other wing. What are your creative plans for the weekend?

Until next time.......HUGS!!!


  1. Wowowowow This is simply beautiful.

  2. I lo am hooked on garage sales and flea markets too. You have chosen a great project to work on. The wings are going to be gorgeous.

  3. The beading looks fantastic! Can't wait to see what the finished product will be. Thanks for visiting:)

  4. Oh I LOVE this idea- how perfect! Can't wait to see it completed!
    P.S. I'm not sure how I missed this when you first posted it, but I'm glad I came by ;)

  5. Very the wire butterfly!

  6. I'm glad I popped over to check out the wings! Awesome! I am sure the faerie will look wonderful when complete. Pearl

  7. The beaded wing is a true work of art!

    I'm so glad you listened to your pesky, little muse as one of your lovely little faeries will look stunning in that pose on that wonderful porcelain piece.