Saturday, July 30, 2011

What happens on Saturday nights?

My good friend, Jeannie, over at Jeannie's Happy World has this awesome post she does every Saturday. She calls it Caturdays!!! I so look forward to each and every Saturday knowing that I am going to get a real giggle out of her post. Today though I not only giggled but almost snorted by sweet tea out my nose and mouth. Yeah...Yeah...I know that's not a pretty picture and not very ladylike but HEY that's what almost happened. Honest!! 

Most of you have seen our Ms Peaches in some of my past post and photos. Tell me that this photo does not look just like her. Not to mention that this is exactly how she looks when getting her bath. I always thought her holding up her tiny paw was to get a high five that she was taking her bath like a big girl BUT now I know that's not what she has been doing at all....LOL!!!

Until next time..........HUGS!!!!

P.S  Thanks for the giggles make my world happy too.


  1. Ahhh! I'm so glad Sweetie!! HUGS!

    There's just something about those darn cats, now isn't there???

  2. I LOVE Caturday at Jeannie's! Of course I have always had cats so... :)

  3. Regina, this is such a cute and funny picture!