Thursday, August 18, 2011

BOO.....Did we scare YOU????

 I have bats,witches,cats,skeletons and spell books all flying around the room.
 What's a gal to do?
 Where's my fishing net? 
I'll catch us one or two!!

I had so much fun designing these Li'l Halloween ornies. I hope that they don't SCARE you to much. Let's see just who might come out and say BOO!!!

One of the witches of Southern Ooaks. She is the biggest of the ornies. Well, I had to make one of them bigger so she could keep all the others in line. A gal can only be snucked ( of those Southern words hehe) up on so many times and and hear BOO!!!  From her ruffled collar to the tip of her hat she is right at 3 1/2 inches. (the others range from just under 1 inch to just a tad over 2 inches but shhhhh don't tell them..they think they are just as big as witchie poo. Don't want anyone having any issues ya know. The beaded holder on most is right at 2 inches. Perfect for hanging on your Halloween tree or even putting them on a black ribbon to wear. 
Close up of Witchie Poo..she's watching YOU
Can't forget the witches most powerful item. Her spell book. Wouldn't it be nice to have a spell book? One where you could make the broom and mop work on their own. Oh WAIT....didn't someone else do that and it didn't turn out so well. ^_^
I made the book to look like.....well....a book. It's hard to get pictures of tiny things ya know but I tried. The clay pages actually are split to look just like paper in a book. Witchie Poo even has her favorite spell marked with her magical bookmark.
Sebastin is Witchie Poo's familiar and believe me there are some times that he so wishes he wasn't. Like the time that she turned him into a dog. What self respecting cat would EVER want to be a flea bitten mutt?
Hootie is Witchie Poo's messenger owl. It seems as though his message for today has left him in quite a shock. Just look at those feathers!!! NO wonder he has to wear a owl breastplate. Ya know the saying "Please don't shoot hit the messenger". 
Look at that open mouth would ya!! Hmmmmm..wonder just what the message was. 
Man in the Moon just couldn't resist peeking in to see just what the old hag witch was up to. It seems that he asked a few friends to come along too.
Jack the Jackolantern...and NOO he isn't mean. He was just made that way. Bahahahahahahaha!!!!
Ruffles, Witchie Poo's first familar. She WAS a dog!!!
The Count had to tag along too. Have no fears though. He won't bite your neck BUT he will eat all of your candy corn.
Even Witchie Poo's boyfriend came along, Capt. Skellie. Poor soul.....someone really should have warned him about PMS and not antagonizing the witch at such a time!! Perhaps I should make her tshirt to wear during those nasty times. One that says "I have PMS and a hand gun...any further questions?" I guess Capt. asked one to many questions one day, huh? 

These are the wacky, whimsical BOOcreatures that are haunting my studio at the moment. Please..won't you help me and my sanity and take a few home with YOU!!! Remember to use my coupon code "2HOTDAYS" until August 31st to receive 15% off any item in my Etsy shoppe.

Until next time........................HUGS!!


  1. My goodness you have been busy! All are bewitchingly adorable! Thanks for the sweet comment yesterday!

  2. These are wonderful! The Moon is my favorite!!!

  3. You are so funny! I love your spooky ornies! That owl cracks me up - I look just like that in the morning. ;) xo Pam

  4. ohhh you scared me! LOL, not really to cute to spook! really darling ornies! my youve been a busy gal!
    hugs ynn

  5. You always amaze me. Your muse whispers beauty and you oblige. Well, done and as they say, "If you've got it, HAUNT it!"