Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What a weekend!!!!!

Those of you that visit my old Southern ooaks know that I sometimes write about more than just my muse and her antics. (that means my art for those that don't know about my "muse" and you should come visit more often if you don't because she can be VERY whimsical) ^_^   This post is about the wonderful weekend we had. Remember back in APRIL when we had stopped by the 100th+ celebration of our local B&B. (For heavens sakes...it hasn't been that long ago. I see you shaking your head. Just click on the word APRIL that I typed in that fancy type and refresh those noggins..hehe) We finally got to spend a night there and it was AWESOME!!!  The Chazman said it best, "Wow Mom...if you don't look out the windows you would think we were in another time" and it was like stepping back into another time period. The place is a true Southern beauty.
 High ceilings with all the ornate trim work, amazing chandeliers and antique furnishings that looked to be from the original 1908 period when the inn was first built.
All the rooms are decorated differently and all are simply breathtaking BUT we had the best room in the Inn...the Bridal suite.
Not that we used it for that purpose. I mean come on folks, we did have our 8yr old with us who INSISTED on sleeping in the bed with us (between us at that). It was a HUGE bed and under normal circumstances it would have been a good night's sleep. Well, it was a good night for ONE of us and to give you a hint..it sure wasn't the hubbikins or me. Thank the good LORD that I do not share a bed with my youngin every night and for who EVER he marries (in about another 20 years) I will have pity on her...really...I will!!!! I might even warn her ahead of time. Yeah...that would be being a good mother in law. Totally getting off the subject matter here. When the Chazman sleeps he is like a bucket of worms...the big ones that are all trying to wiggle to the bottom so they can't be pulled out and put on the end of the fishing line. This kiddo can squirm and wiggle better than any. I think a few times he actually tried to kick one or both of us out of the bed. It was still a wonderful time together. We walked around the inn and admired all the furnishings and photos. We even had a door leading outside to the wrap around porch (with a table and chairs) so that we could sit and just enjoy the breeze. It was a bit warm still in the afternoon or early evening but it was very nice Sunday morning sitting and drinking our coffee. Yes...while the Chazman snored away laying across the bed he finally had complete control of.

If you ever find yourself coming to visit our little "busy" town then make a point to at least walk into the Hotel Magnolia  and take your step back into time.

Our weekend didn't end with our departure from the Inn....oh nooo...a great Sunday afternoon adventure began. We haven't gone to the beach much this summer and the Chazman has been wanting to go so we decided that we would go. I was really surprised that there weren't many folks at the beach (wait til this weekend...WOW..it will be filled to max capacity for sure) We found our little spot to set our chairs up in. (after all of Chaz's ouuuu's and owwww's from walking on the hot sand and having the nerve to say "Carry me mom, ppplease". OMGOSH..like I could if I even wanted to..this boy is getting BIG) After putting on our sunscreen, we walked out into the ocean. We had to watch in places as the seaweed was abundant!!! The perfect place for certain sea creatures to hide out in and wait for that unsuspecting human to put their foot down. OMGOSH.....I'm so happy that we saw IT before it saw us and of course we just had to chase it. Thank goodness it was more afraid of us than we were of it. Well, as long as it was running AWAY from us we were brave. ^_^ Ohhhh, what was the creature? It was one of these..........
Can you tell from this photo just what we were chasing and very thankful it didn't turn to pursue US? Here is a shot when it is on the shore...out of the water...and looking a WHOLE lot meaner!!!
Our pursuit stopped dead in it's tracks then. Yeppers...my momma didn't raise a complete fool and I'm not raising one at all. The Chazman said that we need to just let this guy go on it's way.....far.....far...away!!!!  Now there were quiet a few of these lil boogers on the beach and do you know what other creature they tend to bring in closer...which we got a first hand up close look at. These guys.....
and these guys.............which were perfectly happy catching the small horseshoe crabs that were so enjoying hiding in the seaweed. Well at least they thought they were hiding. We had a few bigger feathered friends that joined in the seaweed buffet as well.
I have never seen so much nature in one place at the same time. It was overwhelming but in a good way. We definitely had some whimsical entertainment the whole afternoon. After we sat and watched these feathered friends the Chazzer and I decided to wade back into the water. YIKES....as soon as we walked out this is what floated by.....
Now I'm not that great of a photographer so my clear little friend we saw didn't want his picture taken so I borrowed this so you could see. A jelly fish. It's amazing so small a creature and one that seems completely harmless can hurt a person so badly. I didn't bring the vinegar with us (next time for sure I will) so we decided to get out of the water for a few more minutes and let it float on by or become part of the delicious buffet that was going on. While we were sitting in our chairs and eating a few crackers (and being laughed at and told "mine mine mine" by those pesky seagulls) a few more sea friends decided to entertain us. This is another borrowed photo as my little camera does not have a zoom lens and we actually have the smaller darker dolphins here with the exception of the albino dolphin that lives in the bay with a pod of the darker ones.
I could have watched these comical characters the rest of the afternoon. Apparently the seafood buffet was stretching way out there. They must have gone back and forth in the area we were in for at least 40 minutes. Jumping up in the air (and the more us that laughed and cheered the more jumping they did) flipping their tails and just having the best time. I have always been amazed by dolphins. So intelligent and curious...always smiling...no matter what. Chaz decided it was time to get back in the water...he wanted to try and get them to come up closer. I told him that they were having to much fun playing and showing off but at least in the water we could get a tad closer to them. Hubbikins decided he would get in this time with us. I think he thought that they might come a tad closer too and he didn't want to miss that opportunity either.

Have you ever had a seaweed throwing contest? Well we did and I discovered that hubby doesn't play fair. He would be looking at the Chazzer and the next thing I know I was getting whacked with it. That's ok though...he got his several times too. While we were ducking and dodging I suddenly had an electrical shock go up my leg. I mean it HURT!! Hubby started laughing at me because he said that I looked like something had just...completely...."OUCH" he hollers...seems he got shocked too. (snicker snicker) I looked down and to my surprise...it seems we surprised one of our local rays. Depending on size they can deliver quite a "shock" but thankfully these were small ones. Whew!!!
See I told you it was an adventure and one that I'm so happy that we were there for. Even if some of it was a bit "shocking".  The Chazman is ready to go back this weekend. I'm not so sure though....Labor Day weekend....we will have to see!!

Until next time.............HUGS!!!!


  1. What fun you all had!!! I love the beach!

  2. Wow what an incredible time- from the hotel room to your wonderful adventures on the beach-make me miss living near the ocean! Last time we visited the islands, we were treated to seeing a sea turtle laying her eggs- amazing things happen at the beach!

  3. That is so cool! I love seeing all the critters at the beach. We were at the Outer Banks this summer and between the pelicans and the little crabs running around, it was a three-ring circus. Your beach is very healthy with all that marine life. :) And I know how you feel about that kid in the bed - OMG, mine have all been like mules! Nothing like waking up with a foot in your back as they try and shove you off! lol! xo Pam