Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering 9/11/2001

9/11/2001....a day that will never be forgotten. A day that wasn't suppose to happen. A day that took so many from their loved ones in just a heart beat. A day that made HEROS. A day that made all of us realize that we are not out of harms reach. A day that made even those that might not have done so in years, get down on their knees and pray. Pray for those lost. Pray for those that didn't think about themselves and ran into the buildings to rescue whomever they could. Pray for those injuried, physically and mentally. Pray for those families that would be touched by such a tragic event for a lifetime. Pray that GOD would provide strength and courage.

9/12/2001....a day that awoke a Nation. A Nation that would not be told that it is weak. A Nation that would hold it's head up high and take ACTION against those that harmed her. A Nation that realized so many souls were lost the day before but not in vain.....those SOULS brought a Nation back together. A Nation that would stand UNITED.

9/11/2011....a day ten years later. A day that upon rising, I went to my knees to say a prayer for all those lost, all those families and individuals affected, all those brave men and women that will always be a Hero, all those working on the memorial so it will never be forgotten.

Today started with a brilliant sun rise.....a sunrise that reminds me that there will always be a new day. The footprints remind me that we never walk matter what happens.

Until next thoughts and prayers are with you all.



  1. Hello sweet friend,
    After a long journey return home and here we review your lovely blog and their beautiful creations that are a joy to our eyes and our hearts too!!!
    blessings and smiles to you.