Thursday, July 11, 2013

Two sales in a week..WOOT WOOT!!!

I am sooooo freakin excited!! Oh yes I am (doing the chacha dance) I sold TWO (that's 2) of my ooaks last week and am just tickled pink. A friend has been eyeing one of my Teacup faeries for some time now and even asked if I would send her hubbikins a link to it and drop a hint that she sure would like to have it for her birthday. Of course I couldn't disappoint my friend so I did just as she asked. Sent him an email with a link and told him that his wife had this on her birthday wish list and he would so be "THE MAN" if he got it for her. Not sure if telling him he would be "THE MAN" or if he just loves his wife that much but he bought it. Thank you thank you!!

Then....the very next day my sweet friend and Southern Ooaks collector, Jeanne, (she has a great blog herself...YOU should go and check it out...ya'll will LOVE her) bought my mermaid and seahorse piece for her daughter for her birthday. So LOVE birthdays!!! So love that these two thought about my work for birthday gifts. Thank you thank you...AGAIN!!! ^_^

Jeanne was my first collector and will always hold a special place in my heart because of that. (Not to slight any of my other collectors...I love ya'll too) She has adopted several of my ooaks and she makes me feel so special that she keeps coming back to adopt more. I also consider her a friend and for the past several years I have had the joy of watching her Bella grow up through photos and videos. Bella is a one of a kind herself and always makes me giggle or smile. She is a little beauty already and has the most gorgeous head full of hair.....a head full that would look amazing wearing one of my hairbows. I mean...I love making them...and for some reason I can not get the Chazman to wear any...hehe (Just kidding, I would never try that..he is definitely a male...through and he got his long hair cut short...ROFL...I still wouldn't try it though) Since it seems that Jeanne is partial to my mermaids I thought a ocean theme would be perfect for the bows. Yeppers, I made two of them. I have had this scarf with such amazing colors and sea prints on it that I have been saving and am so glad I it!! I turned it into a pretty bow and then put one of the spiral seashells I found on one of my walks. For the other one, I used a bright teal ribbon....bunched it up and then made a vintage lace center and attached two more shells found on a beach walk (a moon shell and a cockle shell) I also filled one of my lil glass vials with sand from Gulf Shores and attached that to it as well. I so hope Bella likes them and will wear them....and often!!

I so love giving a little something special when someone buys several of my ooaks. I also put some of my regular paper bookmarks, paper corner bookmarks and a little bag of shells in the box too. Along with a little something just for Jeanne. Hope she finds it a purrrrfect little gift. HEHE ^_^

Yesterday was my mailing day it seems too. I mailed both of these purchases off as well as a goodie box to my sweet friend, Johanna, who by the way is writing a very interesting twist on a Dr Who story. If you're a fan of Dr Who, please go and read her version. I'm reading it and so loving it!! Go sit and read for a bit....I promise you will enjoy it!! (Click be taken on a wonderful adventure) As far as the goodie box goes I can not tell ya what's in it because Johanna is probably reading this post and even though she knows she is getting a goodie box (YES YES I just couldn't keep that a secret from her..dang it) she doesn't know what's in it. I know....I'm baddddd!!!!  :P

I also mailed out three other small packages to three of my artist friends that played the "Pay it forward" game on Facebook back in December. I so hope they like their little gifts and this I am keeping a secret and not saying who the three were and what they are getting. HEY...I told ya I was baddddd...hehe

Until next time...............HUGS,


  1. You are such a sweetheart!! THANK YOU!!! Bella will go nutz over the hairbows! She's such a spoiled little thing really, lol! Hugs!

  2. You are a sweetheart. Your art is holds so much imagination.
    I have missed you. So hope all is well and you have things under control.
    We are moving uhhggggg...

  3. Woo hoo! You are on a roll. :) And you sound very happy ! Double yay! xox