Sunday, June 30, 2013

OMGOSH...I am becoming a cat lady!!!!

Thursday afternoon while the hubbikins and I were sitting out on the deck after he got home from work, a stranger popped their head out from under the deck. Talk about jumping...oh yes I did!! (remember the little snake that came a calling not to long ago?) I didn't stay scared for long though because it was a beautiful calico and she wanted some loving. Such a sweet baby and because of that we started calling her Babygirl...she actually comes to us when we call her too. Of course, she's still here...I just had to feed her. (knowing that she would probably stay with us but not telling the hubbikins that little tid bit of info) She hung around all night and come Friday evening a friend was with her. A beauty of a solid black cat with the biggest eyes I have ever seen. She is a bit skittish but after feeding her she slowly comes up to us. We are calling her Boo (because if ya say BOO to her she runs...hehe) and the Chazman is calling me the crazy cat lady now.

Now Gabie and Pumpkin (my inside furbabies or the Chazman's hairy sisters as he calls them..hehe) love watching Boo and Babygirl. Love watching as long as the screen door is between them that is. Not sure how the four will get along but we will probably just enjoy our two newest family members for as long as they want to hang around outside. They love laying under our fig trees and chasing the birds away. That's a great means we will have tons of figs this year. A sweet friend (thank you Kimmie) gave me a delicious sounding recipe to make fig preserves. We are so excited to try it out. A mommie and Chazman project!!! I think Boo and Babygirl are earning their keep so I hope they stay with us. It's always great when a cat(s) pick YOU for their home.

What a weekend, eh? I was going to complain about the crazy HOT and HUMID weather as it got up to 99 here yesterday but I'm not going to because I read last night that it got up to 127 in Las Vegas yesterday!! WOW...I'lll take our 99 any day over 127. Now that's HOT!!

Most that come to sit under my old Southern ooaks tree know that we clean beach houses on the weekends and this weekend was no exception. Yesterday I really felt bad for the folks that had traveled to the beach because it was nasty weather. (rainy, hot and humid but not complaining....just explaining) It did clear up as far as the rain in the afternoon but we are suppose to get hit and miss thundershowers for the rest of the week. Fingers crossed that they are few and far between and happen fast and move on. Yesterday on our clean the folks left behind a few goodies...we like goodies!! We brought home 4 of the frozen bags of Margaritas, 4 frozen bags of Pina Colada, two plastic freezer containers (hubby can use them in his cooler for his drinks) veggies, eggs, yogurt, two beach chairs, toilet paper, paper plates and a bag of unopened ice.
Today on our clean the folks had left us a fresh pot of coffee and an ice cream cake PLUS she had washed and dried all the towels for me. Now those are the kinda folks I like!!!

Now, I'm spending the afternoon relaxing (yes I will probably have one of the Pina coladas....yum) and doing laundry. I want to get it all done today so that I can sit and visit with my friend that is coming to pick up her jewelry she ordered tomorrow. I showed ya'll the bracelet on my Thursday post so I won't show ya again but I am going to show you her necklace that I finished and didn't show ya yet. ^_^

She wanted the black hemp rope and the metal pansy medallion with vintage pearls, like one of the bracelets I made for her earlier. I'm really happy with how this turned out. She can wear it three different a choker, a short necklace or as a long necklace. That way she can wear it when she is dressed up or if she is just in a tshirt and shorts. Of course, I had to make a little paper box for her to keep it in. I used one of my broken shells as the embellishment on the top. I have all of her pieces made now and she told me last night that she plans on keeping me busy a little bit later on...which is fine by me!!!

Until next time.......HUGS,
Regi (the crazy Cat lady..hehe)


  1. Awww...2 very cute kitties. You are so kind to feed them and let them hang around : )

  2. New furbabies!!!! Those are gorgeous cats!! *sigh* I miss having a cat soooo much!

    Wonderful necklace you made! You are just beyond talented!!! Big hugs! Oh...and pass me a pina colada, would you??