Monday, January 5, 2015

A muse posting

I'm so freakin excited and nervous today peoples. I start a new part time job this morning. I KNOW I can do this but it's always exciting and a bit nerve racking to begin something new, yes? It's not a big job but it's working somewhere that I've never worked before. The restaurant business. Noooo, goofy me won't be waitressing. I can just imagine all the messed up orders if I DID that. HEHEHE!!! I'm going to be a hostess at Fish River Grill #2 during the lunch period. Monday through Friday for now and once the Chazman gets out of school for the summer then if all goes well then I'll be working more hours which will get me towards some goals I have set to meet this year. THIS is going to be MY year!!!!

I plan on working on the Mardi Gras glass ornies when I get home. I went to Hobby Lobby Saturday and bought some new paints. Purples, blues, greens and golds...the perfect Mardi Gras colors. I also bought some items to make a wreath for the door too.

It's time to get ready to head to work....that sounds and feels so good to say. I hope that you have an awesome Monday and remember this year's theme here under the old Southern ooak tree....get up and DO SOMETHING peoples!!!


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