Monday, January 5, 2015

Day 5 of my January 30 Day Challenge.'s day 5 of my January challenge and ummmm, well....I ummmm OKAY OKAY, I slipped up yesterday. I had white bread.......WAHHHHH!!! At least it it wasn't chocolate though...hehe.

It also wasn't this many hot dogs either BAHAHAHA but I must admit that my guilt of eating just one afterwards it might as well have been this many. Geez....perhaps this challenge is to rewire your brain into feeling guilty when you slip. That wouldn't surprise me because giving me the "guilt trip" works every single time peoples. I'm not going to fret though and I'm not going to cry. I'm simply going to try harder today and hopefully the Chazman can still stay strong enough NOT to tell me just where he hide that CHOCOLATE!!

Until next SOMETHING,

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