Friday, January 2, 2015

Try something new for 30 days..make a year of it

Peoples, it's a NEW year and that means everyone (well...almost everyone) will have made those new year resolutions. Did YOU? Yep, those resolutions that are made and meant with the greatest intentions but don't normally make it past two or three days for most. (if even that long...Bahaha) A friend (thank you so much Joan by the way) sent me this video and asked if I would watch it and see if I would be interested in doing a challenge with her this month. At first I was, well, do I really want to do this, will I stick with it, will it be something I can even do? WOW....once I watched the video I was ready to give it a try. Thirty days is not really that long of time and time already seems to fly now that I'm getting older but something that was mentioned in the video about doing a challenge makes the month more meaningful because you actually remember doing "something".  I so had to try this challenge. I just HAD to!!!

For our January challenge we are going to cut out/delete/do without and hopefully kick our bad food habits so that after this month it will just be natural to do without these things. That's what I'm planning anyways. Here's what we are going to delete from our diets.

NO (that means Nada peoples)
White bread
fast foods
ice cream

Ok I know some of y'all are saying "NO WAY REGI...can't live without my chocolate" and I totally and completely understand and you can always make your challenge list be different. It's just the fact that you do "something". For this month though make it a HEALTHY challenge. 

I'm going to be posting daily about this so there will be two post on some days as I plan on keeping my muse's whispering on a separate post. I mean y'all know what a DIVA she can be so I know she will NOT like sharing a post...hehe I think posting is a good thing as it will help me keep to my challenge and make me accountable. I will even (gulp) admit if I did "slip" a bit on a certain day and of course I don't plan on it but HEY...I'm human and chocolate IS on our list. 

I think that my ONE that is 1 peoples new years resolution is going to be sticking to the 30 day challenge and not just for January. I want to do this for the whole year. A new challenge for each month and perhaps carry a few of them over into other months especially if they are positive/good change challenges. Sometimes those 30 days need to become "each and every day" living and not just seen as a challenge. What a journal this is going to make, yes? 

I already know what I want to do next month and it's one that was mentioned in the video, the one of taking a photo each and every day. I think I will make it a black & white photo challenge as well. It will be nice to have photos to remember a certain day and have it to look back on and reflect and remember something that happened on that day that caught my eye or interest. Life is so short and we sometimes let the simple but important tiny things slip by. I think this challenge will help me keep my eyes "open" and see something that I would otherwise have missed. 

Perhaps you would like to do this along with me? That would be AWESOME!! You don't even have to do a post if you don't want to, just make a comment on my daily post of how your challenge is doing for that day. I promise that all of them will be at least one of these: healthy, fun, interesting, soul searching, reaching out or pushing yourself to just do "something". This time next year we can all look back at what this year was all about and have something in writing to actually remember it by. Anything helping this old gal to remember is a good thing, believe me!! I so promise though that there will be no hiking up Kilimanjaro...I do know my limitations peoples. ^_^

Until next SOMETHING,


  1. Really good ideas, Regi. I enjoyed the video. Curses, you've given me even more to think about! ;)