Monday, March 2, 2015

Don't be SHOCKED now peoples!!!

WHAT?? Regi is posting two days in a row? Bahahaha  I am, I am. This however won't be a long post as I had an unwelcomed visitor appear last night and I can't get him to leave. I bet ya know him but I'm praying that he hasn't (and won't) make an appearance at your house. That nasty stomach bug!! BLAHHHH!!!

I wanted to show ya'll the rest of the decorations I made for the Holiday tree at work. I'm hoping it will get as many compliments as the Mardi Gras tree did this past month. As soon as this nasty visitor goes away and I get in to work and get everything on the tree, I will take a pic and share it all put together.

Here's the wreath I made to match the banner I posted about yesterday. Did YOU make one?'s the mess I made making the wreath. Looks like there was a faerie glitter war, yes?
You should have seen me and Piwacket. We will be brushing off glitter, sneezing it and letting it fly from our hair/fur for days. 

Now I don't have a big budget to purchase supplies to make my ornies and decorations so I always go looking at the Dollar Tree first. I can always find something there. Clothes pins...remember those? They look really cute painted green and with some added glitter (yes yes I played in glitter all day peoples. I mean I had enough on the floor to scoop up and make several different projects. hehe) I glued some gift wrap curly ribbon to them and will clip them on a branch as an ornament. I'm thinking these can be used for Easter decorations as well. 

Close up of clothes pin and curly ribbon!!!

Another Dollar tree find. You get 12 in a package. 6 glitter ones and 6 plain ones. I simply punched holes on each side of stem and ran twine through them and POOF.....instant tree garland.

A famous saying every St Patty's day is "KISS ME, I'M IRISH" so I just had to do a few ornies to hang on the tree. I really have fallen in love with the heart shamrocks.

Last but not least are some of my chenille ornies. I love making these and if anyone is interested just let me know and I will do a "How To" on making some. The colors are brighter than shown here in the vintage print I used. Cheers...Cheers for St Patrick's Day!!!

Until next time..........get up and do something!!!


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