Sunday, March 1, 2015's WHAT month already?

Peoples.....can ya believe it's March already? Where is all the time going to? I feel as though I'm in a time warp of some kind because I know it surely can't really be March already. ^_^

Well, actually I do know that today is March 1st because I'm working on the ornaments and goodies that will be going up at the grill tomorrow. If you haven't been visiting in a while or this is your first visit under the old Southern ooak tree then you probably don't know what the grill is, do you? It's a Funky, junky Redneck dive that I'm working at. BAHAHAHA!!! It's where all the locals go to eat and I can tell ya from experience that the food is AWESOME. The name of the grill I'm working at is called Fish River Grill #2 located here in Foley. There is also a Fish River Grill #1 which is located in Fairhope ( that's called the Funky, junky Dive) and one located in Gulf Shores that is Fish River Grill #3 (the Funky, junky Hifalutin joint). If you're ever in the area come and visit and enjoy some true Southern hospitality and cooking!! Now, back on track to what I'm making and why. HEY...ya'll know I get very easily distracted. We have a Holiday tree at #2 and I get to decorate it....YEA me!!! January we left it as the Christmas tree (it should always be Christmas, at least in peoples actions and thoughts) and last month is was of course turned into a Mardi Gras tree. This month it's going to be a St. Patrick's day tree.

The first item I'm making is a cute paper banner that I plan on hanging on the front side of the register counter. I love playing with paper. It's something that most of us have on hand and you can do so much with it. I thought perhaps YOU might like to make one of the banners come and follow along.

Supplies Needed:

Cardstock (White and tan)
Pretty paper or stamps and ink
Vintage image map of Ireland
Vintage image of sheet music
Glue (I used Elmer's school glue stick)
Hole punch
Thick doll needle or dentist scraping tool
Green glitter (I use glitter fast dry fingernail polish)

First thing is to decide how you want your banner to look. I love scoping out "How To" post from other bloggers and found this one that gave me the inspiration to make my own banner. The blog is called Lil Luna (all things good) and if you would like to see her post, where I found my inspiration, just click HERE

I like the pointed flag look so that's what I'm using. I measured out on cardstock for each size that I need for a pattern. The larger piece I will use the tan cardstock to print off  the vintage sheet music "Irish Eyes are Smiling" (which I found on Pinterest) and the smaller one I will use the white cardstock for the vintage map of Ireland. (also found on Pinterest) Print out three of each and once printed, simply flip over and trace the appropriate pattern on the back and cut out. 

I looked around for some cute ideas for shamrocks. No worries if you can't draw a shamrock because we are going to make them the simple way...out of hearts!!  We are...I kid ya not.  I didn't have to look far for my inspiration in those either because I thought that the ones Luna made were perfect. Now if you have stamps and love to use them then this would be the time. I don't have any stamps (as the mister would kill me if I added any more craft items to my already overflowing inventory...hehe) If you are stamping then do both sides (you will understand why in a minute or two) Since I'm using the pretty ones Luna had I need something for the back side, so I'm  using a pretty printed piece of scrapbook paper that I have on hand. I printed off Luna's hearts (we need 15 of them) and then glued the papers together. (printed sides facing outwards) So much easier to do it this way so that when you cut the hearts out the backing will line up perfect. Here's what you should have at this point.

Take one of the music sheets and glue one of the maps pieces to the top of it. I think I will place mine almost in the center as I want the name of the music and the first line of bar notes to show. Now it's time to put together a shamrock. You will need 3 of your hearts to make one shamrock. With the prettiest side facing up you are going to gently crease it in the middle. (this is why both sides need to look nice)  

See the white poking out? This is what happens when you don't glue your two pieces of paper together BEFORE cutting out. HEHE (I did clip and make neat before putting together)

My shamrocks are going to be placed in different areas on top of the maps. Left side, center and right side....just to give it an off kilter balanced look. I'm going to place one where I want to attached it and push my dental tool (or large doll needle) through the banner where I will be using one of the brads. Don't put the brad in just yet because we need to glue our shamrock to the map. The first leaf you will place glue on the right side of the heart and place with the tip just touching the hole we made for the brad and press down. Take the second leaf and place glue on the left side and do the same as leaf one. Take the third leaf and glue the right side and follow as you did the first and second one. All three tips should be facing the brad hole. Now, insert the brad and close on the back side of banner. If you want to add some glitter this is the time to do it. I use fast drying fingernail glitter polish for my paper projects and it works great. Just sayin....just a thought of another way to do something using glitter. We all LOVE glitter, yes?

Now, we are going to make two shamrocks that we will place on either side of the center flag on our banner. You should already have the shamrock cut out but you will also need to cut out, using cardstock, a circle so that we can attach the leaves together as well as have a base to pull our twine through. 

This is showing you the back and front of circles. Using the dental tool (or large doll needle) poke a hole in the center of the circle. This is where we will be placing the brad to hold it all together.  On either side of that hole you will need to cut a slit. Don't cut to close to edges, you just need enough of a slit to guide the twine through. Punch holes in each leaf at the tip too and not to close to the edge. Hold the brad and slide each leaf onto it and then slide the circle on. Close brad.

This is what your shamrock will look like once you have all leaves attached to circle. You can use that glitter now. I know ya want to!!!! HEHE

Now all we have to do is using hole punch,  punch holes on each side of the flags so that we can run our twine through. I use myself as a twine measurer. works peoples!! I take twine in hand and run out until I have enough out to reach chin holding arm straight out level to shoulder. I'm using three arm lengths. 

You should have a banner like this now. YEA!!! Where are you going to put your banner? It's going to look awesome no matter where you hang it. I'm so glad that you followed along and made one for yourself. 

It's on to making some chenille mischief makers for the tree now. WHAT??? Ya don't know what a mischief maker is? It's one of the wee peoples....leprechauns!!

Until next time...............get up and do something,


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