Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hairy chest men...Oww La La (snicker snort)

Happy July 1st peoples!!! I hope that you are making BIG plans for the weekend coming up. Plans that include family, friends, BBQ and sparklers. ^_^

I'm slowly coming along with Dr.J and Mr.H. His underpants are completed. (couldn't let him be NEKKID now could I?)

His face(s) are painted but I'm still going to do a bit more to them I do believe. Perhaps some blush for the doctor and some green (green with envy) for the mister. My muse is whispering that perhaps I should make a monocle for the doctor. Should I?

The doctor is going have on a high collared Victorian lace shirt and the mister is going to have an open shirt. (He's such a devilish gent ya know) Since the mister's is going to be open I thought his hairy chest should be showing. Now I do so love a man with a hairy chest...oww la la!! But Mr.H.....well....not so much. BAHA!!

I'm going to work on his ummm their hair this afternoon after I get home from work so I did a few pieces that need to dry so they will be workable by then.

The doctor's hair will be a stylist smooth look but the mister's hair is going to be bit of a mess. Yet another challenge in this challenge.

Until next time............

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