Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yoshi Yuan..Fire Lily Dragon, a ooaks in the Faeries and Dragons Series

In Private Collection

A little dragon is born into the faery realm deep in the forest every two hundred years. They are born with great power and strength, honored and revered to bring good fortune and wisdom to those that call upon it. The faery realm was mesmerized by not only it's powers but also by it's passion.

In the year that the great warrior Princess Mingmei Yong was born...so was her dragon. Light dances over the entire faery realm forest at this wondrous birth. It has been a long time since such a magnificent dragon was born. She is a brilliant gold, as brilliant as the sun shining down with soft scales of forest green. Her wings are enormous yet soft with the suns glow and the forests color, so as to hide her when she is called upon in flight. Her eyes are the deepest jade....the faeries have believed for years as has so many in our human world that jade is the sign of "Purity". Her heart stone is a carnelian agate, brilliant red with deep black veins running through it. This is a true sign to the faeries that a queen had been born. The agate stone is believed to be a "peacekeeper"...to soften anger. There was a warmth emanating from her heart stone, perhaps for all the faeries and forest creatures to embrace. With all the signs this dragon posses the one and only name that could be given to her....Yoshi Yuan, good shining peace. She was to be the bringer of Peace, but every faery knew, especially Mingmei Yong, that once called to fight the Elfin wizard and the dark ones that Yoshi Yuan would seek out to destroy. Not the dark ones themselves but the dark emotions inside them that had caused this never ending battle and restore the faery realm to it's peaceful and harmonious ways. Until the time that she will be called upon. Yoshi Yuan sits amongst the tree roots, sopping up the sun's warmth, watching over the forest and all it's tiny creatures. She knows that she has been given a special gift...she will reign over this world for much longer than any other before her.

Is this all just a myth? Be it true or not, it still holds a spell over all of us who are fascinated by the tales. For those of us that hold the magic in our hearts, well, we know what the answer is.

Yoshi Yuan was designed for my niece.....Year of the faery 2008

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