Friday, October 22, 2010

It's Weebie making time!!!

What's a weebie....some of you may be asking. Those that come to visit and sit under the old Southern ooaks tree know already but I will tell for those that are visiting for the first time. Weebies are the name I call my small ornaments that I design and sculpt. Each one is hand sculpted which makes them unique but I do repeat some of them if requested. They make great ornaments for your Christmas tree. Each comes with it's own fancy smancy twisted wire holder. The wire holder can be removed and then the weebie becomes a desk sitter. What's a desk sitter you may ask? can ask...go ahead!! Ask already...ok then...desk sitters are what I call  my weebies that can sit on a desk and not fall over. Since they can do this they make great gifts to give to co-workers. Hint Hint!! I love making these lil critters....well...not all are critters....some are of Santa but you get my drift. Here is a sampling of some of my weebies.

There is the cute Bear Family. I love making Ted E Bear hold things from Christmas the great twirl hard candy most of us can remember as a child or maybe a big lollipop or a large peppermint cane. Perhaps a wreath or some garland. Sometimes Ted E is ready for his Christmas story and has his blankie and cute lil rabbit slippers or bear slippers or perhaps a pair of slippers that someone has requested specially for their weebie. What's Christmas time without some singing Bears. This cute pair put their differences behind them...see....Alabama and Auburn fans can get along!!! Each of my weebies stand on a small base that is made up of some of my goop snow mixture. I put pieces of german glass in it to make it glimmer like snow.
There is also my Snowmen and Penguin weebies. Such characters these guys can be. Better watch out when turning your back on the snowman....he loves a fight. Of course, if you turn around to see...he just gives you that "HEY...I didn't throw it". Ri iiight!!! Lil P the penguin loves to try and help but those tiny flippers can cause such a mess.
Now who can forget the jolly old elf himself and I'm talking about Santa ya know. He so loves Christmas Eve when passing out the gifts but oh the joys of playing with the little puppy that has been hiding in his hat until he got to Julee's house. Santa also has to take some vacation time after the holidays and what better way than a visit to the beach and get buried in the sand...HoHoHo!!!
Last year I made over 50 weebies and these are the few I had remaining. I make up several each year but most are made by placing orders. Do you have someone that you want to give a small gift to this year? A new baby in the family that needs that "First" ornament. A teacher. A co-worker. That crossing guard that keeps your children safe. Your hairdresser or barber. A special item to put in a homemade basket of goodies for your neighbor. The list could go on and on. Oh one last suggestion....they make great ornaments for sports fans. Here are two popular ones from last year.....funny...I didn't have any Bama ones left!!!
If you would be interested in purchasing some of these cute lil weebies just leave a comment and make sure you include your email addy. Once they are complete I will send you an email and then I will set them up in my Etsy shoppe with a reserved notice just for YOU!!! They sell for $15 each. If you order 5 or more I will give you a buy 4 and get the 5th free. Free is good!! Christmas is just around the corner and didn't you make a resolution NOT to wait until the last minute to start buying gifts this year. ^_^

Until next time................HUGS,

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