Tuesday, October 19, 2010

And the Muse said..........

I was sitting quietly this morning having my cup of coffee and watching all the wonderful creatures playing and frolicking outside my studio window. I love my time to let my mind wander for this is NORMALLY when my whimsical characters are imagined. Notice I capped the word normally....you did notice....good!!! It seems that my muse wanted to put her two cents worth in and completely banished all the quietness I was soooo enjoying. For those that are new to my whimsical world, please let me introduce you. This is DIVA and OMGOSH she so lives up to her name in every way.

DIVA is one of my soft body ooaks. She is gently poseable.Her face, hands and feet are sculpted using Prosculpt clay. Her body is wrapped in soft angora wool yarn. Her face, hands and feet have been washed with an acrylic mixture to give her a porcelain look. Her face has been detailed using acrylic paints. Her eyes are bone beads that have been hand painted. Her hair is faux fur along with the fur on her hands,feet and tail. She is wearing a sweater made from a wool sock. Her buttons are tiny crystals. Her wings are made from brass wire that has been wrapped in silk embroidery thread. There are tiny vintage Swarvoski crystals hanging from the tips. Her stand is silver and is twisted like a silver lining on her way up to cat heaven. She stands at 8 1/2 inches tall and is 3 1/2 inches in width.

 Until a few days ago my muse lived quietly in my head...whispering ideas. I was dusting the ooaks shelves and for some reason I kept going back to DIVA. It seems my muse wanted to be more than just a whisper...so she has for the time being taken up residency in one of my ooaks. Not that I can blame her for using this particular ooaks because for those of you that follow my blog you know that this is one that started out as one thing and so ended up something completely different. So the muse said..........change me...and my little DIVA was.

The conversation we are having in the first photo is one that I think I need some HUMAN input on. She seems to think that I need to only make ooaks that sit 14 inches or taller. I want to start making more of my smaller ones.....like my weebies...6 inches or under. Give it some thought.....then let me know what you think.....please....so I can keep her out of my ear and get some work done. For those that don't know what one of my weebies look like, here are a few examples:

Let me know what you think......what you would be more likely to purchase....I need some input people...pppplease!!!


  1. I certainly like these ,I like small sometimes. I shall pop over and find your Etsy site

  2. Ohh thank you so much for telling me which you liked. Hope you enjoy your trip to my shoppe!!


  3. I like that you have Muse. Mine are just Me, Myself & I. They all have their individual opinions too, believe me.

    One of them likes your mini's (under 6") so very much! There's something impish about them.

    But somebody else in the trio likes the larger ones too.

    Me? I love all of your work!

  4. I'm loving your santa. He is adorable. You do beautiful work! Tammy

  5. I love them all, but personally, I'm leaning more towards the weebies- they are so wonderful, and I canimagine them tucked in here and there all around my home. Beautiful!

  6. I actually find that I prefer smaller dolls. There is just something about them that catches me.

  7. Okay, scratch Shirley McClain, I'm going with Diane Lane (she's the Bon Jovi relationship that lead to the song Bad Medicine!).

    Your Santas are always my favorite, but the Werewolf is handsome!

    Your talent is truly exceptional!

  8. you look so lovely. And now, i'm resting, next time I walk again trough your life ☺ best wishes from janine