Thursday, October 28, 2010

Needle Felting is so much....OUCHIE!!!!

Where are the band aides? Ohhhh noooooo....the Chazman used the last one on that booboo that only he could see. Nope...couldn't see it no matter how hard I looked. Even got the magnifying glasses out and still couldn't see it but it was there and it was "killing" him. Guess I need to get me a box and hide them in the studio. I love to needle felt but OMGOSH all the ouchies I get. Sharp, sharp needles. Chaz wants to learn but I do believe this is one thing that I will follow what the guidelines one under 12 should attempt. Really, they shouldn't and on some days I'm thinking maybe I shouldn't either...ROFL!!!

I finished the little mermaid. Yep..that's what all the lovely felt was used for in my Wordless Wednesday post. I am making a birthday gift for the Chazman to take to his first official non family birthday party. She is a pin that is going to be attached to the front of a felt purse. An underwater scene....a unique one of a kind purse for an 8 year old. Chaz said he thinks she will LOVE it and if she doesn't then he will bring it home and I can make an octopus to go with the mermaid and he can just pretend with it. After that statement he asked which one did I think would win a water race...the mermaid or the octopus. Well...duhhhhhh...the mermaid of course. He didn't agree!!! Then he said that I could needle felt him a pirate ship and the mermaid could be the wooden statue on the front because she has that old, wooden antique look. What a compliment and coming from a 7 year old........who apparently watches wayyyy to much television.

I do hope that Bryanna likes her gift. I love making gifts and giving them. If I have time I'm planning on making her a seashell barrett but we will have to see if I can finish the purse by "gulp" Saturday. No more using the felting needles for I'm going to hand stitch the ocean scene on the front of the purse and then stitch it up on my machine. That is if I can hand sew with all these dang band aides!!!

Until next time.....Hugs,
Regi (the Needle Felt pin cushion)


  1. Very, very cute and I'm sure she's going to LOVE it! You'll have to make an octopus and another mermaid for Chazman!

  2. LMAO Regi!!! The title for your post cracks me up!!! I played around with needle felting before but it was short lived because of my poor punctured fingers, LOL. But I must say, looks like it was worth all the blood and pain because your mermaid is awesome!! What a fantastic gift! :)

  3. Watch out! Needle felting is addictive...espeically after you learn not to stab yourself. Looks great!

  4. She is WONDERFUL! I think you should find a way to aviod the boo boos, because you need to have some of these in your shoppe!
    I LOVE her face, especially the eyes!

  5. You are so funny! BUT, that being said...I am seriously impressed! She is fantastic! I have barely dabbled in felting and, well, let's just say I'm a beginner! HA!

  6. Ohhh thanks so much for all the wonderful comments and the ones for the ouchies too..Ha!!

    You would so think that someone that has been felting as long as I have would have learned to move her finger before sticking the wool...oh well some learn and some apparently don't ^_^


  7. LOL! My daughter was the same way with band aides when she was young! The mermaid is adorable & I'm sure the purse will be loved!