Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Only Two days remaining...

Only two more days remaining to purchase one of the Southern Ooaks Halloween collectibles in my Etsy shoppe. Don't you know someone that would love to add to their Halloween decor? Maybe you need to add that witch to the mantel or sitting on the table with a carved pumpkin close by. Maybe you know someone who might have a birthday in October? What better gift to give than a Halloween collectible!! I only have a few remaining and would love for one of them to put a spell on YOU. Come and shop....I promise...they will behave so you can look around. "wink...wink"

Batilda...the Batty Witch

Vanity Voodoo

Broohilda..the ancient witch

Goslin..the Ghost Child
Hagitha..the witch

Come and shop...what could it hurt? You might just find another collectible that calls to you. For anyone that makes a purchase in the next two days then I will include one of my weebie Christmas ornies for free. Happy Shopping!!!

Until next time.....HUGS,


  1. The tutorial of your hands was great!!

  2. Oh, Goslin is so fabulous!!! Well, I love them all, actually. I just love your work! But Goslin and Batilda are my faves!

  3. Your work is amazing!Your hands tutorial is great! I got to tell you I so enjoy your music...'I put a spell on you' is perfect for the season. Also your vintage blog design reaches out to my heart!
    Thanks for following me from Southern Belle, I am following your so cool blog!
    Thanks, Becky Jane

  4. Hey Regi, you're not closing your shop are you?
    I WISH I could buy one because I LOVE them all especially the tree topper, but I just can't right now- too many bills and Christmas is coming.....

  5. rock! Music, witches and everything! Love the "Put a spell on you."