Friday, April 1, 2011

I hear that song again...."I ain't got no body"

I love bunnies and rabbits and all things that hop along....yeah...even those lil frogs. HEY..I'm the mom of a very much so little boy!!!  Thank goodness he hasn't come in with one in his pocket yet but then that would be a completely different story than the one I'm telling...well for today that is. ^_^

I had a friend request that I do one of my dust bunnies but to only do the head and to make it so it could be worn on a chain. I love making my dust bunnies so I just couldn't resist making one that was just a head. I think he turned out rather cute and will probably be making a few more to put in my shoppe. Let me know what you think....

Of course, being the whimsical artist that I am, I just had to make it a bit bigger than most necklace pieces. I think anyone wanting to wear a whimsy should have it big enough to be seen and receive that "'s so cute" reaction. Just sayin!!!!! His ears can be gently bent into several different positions so that makes it even more me it does...but then I'm a complete whimsy myself.

Time to HOP along and work on some more bunnies. Ohhhh I made a funny....hop....bunnies...get it....Yeah, yeah...I am easily entertained. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.....until next time,



  1. Oh Reggi, this musse turned out so cute and hugggable! Can't wait to see more. Ever thought about putting up a few pieces in Hallmark or some cute little gift shops? Bet they'd love that! Hope to see alot more muses soon!

  2. That is so cool. I love this dust bunny. Hey I raised a boy in the country and believe me he came home with more stuff in his pockets than you want to know about. LOL

  3. Hey Regi I love that idea. It is a great looking piece. Another great job.


  4. All those creepy crawlies make me glad I had a girl...a very girly girl, not like her mother who was a tomboy! Love your dustbunnies!

  5. What an adorable bunny! Love that his ears are bendable.

  6. Look at those EARS! gorgeous! :D

  7. I LOVE your dust bunnies- and I totally agree the necklace ones should be big enough for folks to admire :D
    Sorry I'm just now getting around in blogland.....

  8. He is so cute. Eventhough he's alittle big he's going to be a great necklace and everyone will notice him -as it should be!!

  9. This is precious!
    I love his face and those ears make me want to snuggle him!
    Well done I say! Well Done!
    You continue to amaze me!

  10. Who'd have thought that dust bunnies could be so lovable? This is the cutest little fella.

  11. This is cute and what a great idea.