Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Break is over!!!!

WOW...what a fun week with the Chazman!! It went by wayyyy to fast though so we are counting down til summer break is here. YEA!! I just love having my lil guy at home with me but I am so happy that he loves going to school too. He was looking forward to getting back I think...he has made some really good friends and he was ready to find out what they did over the past week as well as tell them what he did. Ohhh to be young again.

Yesterday was a BLAST!!! We met up with my sister and her family for the Easter brunch over at The Hang Out. What's "The Hang Out" ask? Well, it's probably one of the oldest establishments here on the coast. Been around since the 50's (yes that almost makes it antique but we so won't go there..ri iight??)     It of course has been updated over the years and is a really cool place to go eat and play. Yeppers, I said play. They have games outside, a HUGE sand pile, a small bungee jump (one that let's the kiddos jump up and go higher and higher) a bubble maker and for the adults an awesome stage and sound system to hear some really awesome bands play. Of course since it was Easter...there was a surprise visit from the Easter bunny himself and a HUGE egg hunt. Our group of kiddos had a blast....take a peek

Now that the break is's time to get back in the studio and get some work done....or play done...depends on who I'm talking to and who's asking...hehe!! I have so many whisperings from my muse since she apparently  had taken a break too. Don't ya just hate when that happens. I know I do, she is a constant chatter bug for a week or two after. Mermaids and babies seem to be her favorite topic....perhaps merbabies even. I know I have been collecting some beautiful shells on our beach walks of late and I think it's time to start using them. What do you see when you look at them?

 I did finish up another gypsy corsage this weekend. I love finding inspiration in the things that surround me, especially our town. Foley has some beautiful gardens and landscaping scattered all around the Uptown area and a few weeks ago in the flower beds on the corners they had some awesome looking plants. I grew up with them in my great grandmother's and grandmother's gardens so I knew what they were. Do you know what these are called?
They are called "Hens and chickens" and aren't they pretty and so so unique. The botanical name is Echeveria. One of the simplest plants to care for because they don't need care. Just water them once a day, once a week, it doesn't matter because they will thrive no matter what. I wanted to capture them in a corsage with a Southern Ooaks twist of course. Here is my "Hen and chick" corsage.
Mine even has mother hens face in the middle....LOL!!! It has such a Springtime look to it and like all my corsages it won't fade or wilt....ever!!!!

So I  guess it's time to push away from this computer and get some work ummmm playtime in today. I hope that you have a wonderful Monday and until next time..........



  1. Looks like it was a great Easter! Love the Easter bunny and huge chair!

  2. Dear Regina,

    I so love my visits to your blog! Last week I was flooded with creative muse and created a poem a day or more. I took a long needed break form research and academic writing and have extended it one more day, tomorrow I am back to work finishing up this doctoral course. Nearing the end!

    I would love to purchase one of these hens and chickens corsages! Let em know how!

  3. Hi Regi, Looks and sounds like you really had a wonderful week. Good to hear!

  4. Sounds like great fun was had by all! Can't wait to see what you do with those shells- I see wee merbabies nestled inside......

  5. isn't it funny how our work is our play? but, the reverse is also true - our play is also work. Hmmm. . .

    how lovely those seashells are. I haven't been to the beach in eons. Being a water sign, I need to visit the water more!

    thanks for the visit today. Always love to see you!

  6. Love the bubbles!!! Looks like an almost magical place for kids to play and eat! Your hens and chicks is so fun! I used to have some and my grandmother had a large collection out in her flower bed!

  7. I am so glad you had a good time! The Hubbums had vacation last week, so I took a few days off and we went all over the place and had SOOO much fun! I absolutely LOVE the broach that you created!

  8. The kids look like they are having a blast!! They even got their baths early!!!!

    Your sculptures are amazing! I just made a sheep in pottery class. It looks more like a goat with curly hair!