Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cordelia....Mermaid in the Bathtub.

The skies had been grey and stormy for quite some time and the pounding waves on a sand bar far off the shore uncovered an ancient shipwreck. A wooden hulled beauty at one time for sure and surrounding her after the storm were many treasures that made you want to learn more about this long lost sailing vessel. No human would ever find this wreck since it was far off from the beautiful Irish shores but one tiny mermaid did happen upon it and ohh the treasures Cordelia discovered.

Among the items laying close to the wreck was a strange object. One that was still beautiful after being submerged for so long and one that apparently still held water inside it's hollowed out shell. Water that had been warmed by the sun and was just tempting Cordelia to sit in.  She slowly slide herself inside and stretched out her tail as far as it would allow. How wonderful the warmed water felt against her...so much so that she started to giggle and wiggle. Sitting next to this strange but amazing container was a metal box. Cordelia leaned over and opened it. Inside she found a beautiful pink, plush towel and a wash cloth. She knew about humans and some of the items they had for she loved sitting on the rocks and watching them from afar as they enjoyed the shores and the marvelous sea she called home. She pulled out a tiny glass vial that she didn't know what in the world it could be and all of a sudden it slipped from her hands and the stopper popped out and the contents landed in her warm water. For some reason this made her giggle and wiggle again but this time something spectacular happened. Bubbles...tons and tons of bubbles began forming all around Cordelia.

Cordelia is one of my Southern ooaks in my mermaid series. Since she is from the waters off Ireland's coast then I felt it befitting to give her a true Celtic name....Cordelia..meaning "of the Sea". She has a strong wire armature underneath a fully sculpted clay body. She sits at just 4 1/2 inches and is 7 inches long. (from the tip of her head to the tip of her tail) Her face was detailed using acrylic paints...her eyes hand painted on bone beads. Her tail was detailed with tiny scales and then covered in several hues of green, purple and blue MICA powders before baking. The baking process gave it a beautiful mermaid tail cast. Her tail in several places has German glass to give it a wet look. Her crown is made from clay and covered in MICA powders and her hair is dyed pulled wool yarn. Her treasure she discovered that holds water warmed by the sun is a vintage glass claw foot tub. Vintage pearls, faux pearls and crystals make up the bubbles. Vintage cloth made the perfect towel and wash cloth. (The wash cloth is made from the same material as the towel...I just clipped the fringe)

Cordelia has already been adopted and is going to be living in Germany with her new family. I hope they put her in a place that it's alright if water spills because I'm sure she will keep giggling and wiggling to make more bubbles for a very long time.

Until next time...........Hugs,


  1. YES!!!! She's wonderful and magical and she's ALL MINE!!! Thank you, Sweetie! You've made yet another masterpiece! I was going to put her next to my desk and the other mermaid...but I think I'm going to put her in the bathroom instead!

  2. She's amazing Regina..how magical!

  3. Shes adorable !! Glad to me a fellow polymer clay sculptor

  4. She looks amazing and I loved her magical story!!

    Thank you for your visit and lovely comments. I am off to have further look around your lovely blog as for once I have a bit of spare time.....

  5. Regina what a wonderful story befitting your beautiful mermaid. No doubt the new owners will cherish her.
    Hugs Lynn

  6. Dearest Regi,

    What a lovely, fun, and giggly story about Cordelia! She will definitely be loved in her newfound home!