Monday, April 8, 2013

Excuse my late was LAUNDRY day...YEA!!!

WOW....what is it about going out of town for just a few days that seems to make the laundry monster GROW more so than on a normal weekend?  I have been doing laundry today (ALL DAY I might add) as well as working on my newest mermaid sculpt. Six loads of laundry...SIX and one is still in the washer waiting for the Hubbikins to get out of the bath so I can add his underclothes. That's alright though because it was good to see family this weekend and meet our newest little great nephew. YES....I said GREAT nephew and it's not that we are that old....our niece just started early...hehe!!

I wanted to show you where I am on the newest piece I'm doing. Hopefully, I will get  her finished by Wednesday at the latest. I'm also still working on her story that will go with writing my whimsical lil characters stories. I think it helps make them a tad bit more real believable.

Her face is detailed with the exception of her lips....can't forget those now. Her hair will hide her ta-ta's if she is feeling shy but if not...then she will let them be seen. I mean...I have always heard "if ya got em..flaunt em". I'm going to seal her tail and then add some German glass in places to look like water. I love how the green, blue and purple MICA powders blended together. I have some vintage pearls that I'm going to fill the bathtub with to take the place of real bubbles..hehe!! I'm taking my time with her and thank goodness I won't be doing laundry least I hope I won't be. Fingers crossed!!

Until next time........Hugs,


  1. Ohmygosh - she's turning out so FABULOUS!!! I really like her hair, and the coloring on her body. I'm going to pinch this snap shot, as I have a couple of mermaid stamps and I'd like to see if I can duplicate this with my Copics!!! Keep going!

  2. Since you are so into it come do my laundry too. LOL
    I love your new mermaid. She is pretty awesome