Friday, April 26, 2013

Technical Difficulties!!!

WOW....I can not believe I have let TWO weeks slip by. I must confess that it's due to technical difficulties and not with my's with this dang old body!!  I'm not one to be sad (goes against my laid back hippie spirit) or one that likes to complain (that goes against my mermaid soul) but I must say that I'm not sure just what is going on. I was very proud that at 54 I was not on any type of medication...thought I was in good health (need to lose about 100 lbs) and would live to be as old and as happy as my great grandmother (101 and that's what she would admit to). How wrong was I!!! A visit to the doctor with a simple rash and POW...I'm hit with finding out that I am diabetic (and probably have been for some time..already affecting my vision) and have high blood pressure (of course, who wouldn't when they thought they were healthy and get hit with that kinda news..ri iight?) Right now I feel as though I am a blind woman walking dizzily through a fogbank BUT I WILL get this under control and I WILL be able to live a good long, long life. know why I have been missing and I'm hoping to not be gone that long again. Thank you for sticking with me....I love all of my friends I have made with this blog. So many wonderful, wonderful friends!!

I'm having a time sculpting at the moment due to my eyes but I have been twisting and twisting a lot!!! Ya know, twisting the hemp rope...making bracelets. I even had an order to make two special ones from my Boho rose hemp one I did awhile back. Do you remember it? Here it is as a refresher...hehe

Ms Ricki loved this and bought it...YEA!!! She asked if I could make two more but using black roping in place of the rose. She wanted to get them and give as gifts. That made my heart sing....I love when folks buy my pieces but it really makes me feel special when they buy them to give to someone else.

Both look like this one. I think the black really looks good with the pansy and pearls. I hope that whoever she gives them to likes them as much as she does hers. I asked if she would like me to make some of my simple paper boxes to put them in since they were going to be gifts. OH OH OHHH, I will do that for anyone that buys from me with my small items....just ask!! ^_^   She said that would be wonderful. So, here's the gift boxes.

Pretty butterflies are bringing them for delivery. The boxes are made from card stock (Click here to see a tut I did awhile back on how to make one yourself) I laced some of my multicolored cording through the back of the butterfly and then tied it off near the head so that it just makes them even more pretty.

I'm working on some more bracelets since I can twist with my eyes I hope you will come back to visit and see how they turned out.

Until next time.........HUGS and tons of love,


  1. Dang, girl, its a real bummer when you get news like that, but you are such a positive soul and I know you will get through this and get it all under control. I know how I felt last year when I found out I had ridiculously high blood pressure, it is so scary. But aren't we lucky that we live in an age where docs can take care of these things with simple medication?
    The bracelets are so sweet, no wonder your customer wanted more for gift giving. Get well, girl!! xxx

  2. Hi Regi! I'm just glad you found out, so you can get the meds you need, and do what you need to get better. Better days ahead! Love the bracelets, they are very sweet. xox!

  3. Oh! Poor thing!!! I'm glad you went to the doctor, because your health is soooo important!!! Do what he says and you'll soon be feeling much better!

    LOVE the bracelets - so elegant looking!

    I'm taking "baby steps" myself. I started with the water (fruit infused), and just got in my new FitBit pedometer and am logging my steps online. Next it will be doing more exercise and then diet. I can't do it all at once, because I'm a "resistant to change" kinda girl and need to ease into things...especially things I'd rather not do, lol! But it's past time, and now I'm ready.

    You can do this!!! Hugs!