Friday, August 23, 2013 muse is singing and singing and singing!!!!

WOW....I wish that ya'll could have see me yesterday. I know you would have laughed or giggled or possible even both. Make sure when you envision what I'm about to tell ya...that ya won't be drinking anything. Ya it don't come snorting outa your nose or anything..hehe.  As soon as I got home from taking the Chazman to school, my muse started singing up a storm and man oh man did she ever have me running around in circles. I mean real circles peoples and running...really running!! I started the day out sewing and then would JUMP up with needle and fabric in hand and keep sewing while I would go and collect things I needed to use to make jewelry...pieces I wanted to make that just POPPED into my head.

My sewing hand. (my machine decides NOW to act up)
Cat and frog are all sewn up. Monkey is being worked on. Dragon still waiting his turn.
All will be painted when all sewn up!!

 Yeppers....I sat my sewing down and started right on making jewelry pieces. Why you ask? Because my muse told me too of course. (and for the fact that she would NOT stop singing. Have you ever heard a faerie muse sing? They hit those really HIGH pitches) I worked on jewelry for a bit and then JUMPED up AGAIN and ran to the back to work on some cards to put the jewelry on.

I decided to use some of my doodles for these instead of the pretty lady I have been using. Once I got those printed off then up I would JUMP again and start back sewing.

 I felt like a mad woman I tell ya....truly MAD!!! (not mad in a grrrrrr angry kinda way but mad as mad hatter) I couldn't seem to concentrate on any one thing for long periods of time. My muse just kept on singing and singing and singing and I just couldn't keep up!!!

I was so relieved when it was time to go pick up the Chazman from school. I mean "WHEW" I so needed to just sit and chill a bit. I know truly know what the saying "running around like a chicken with it's head cut off" means. Now you would think sitting in a car with it raining and patiently waiting that I could have gotten a bit of a rest but NOOOO, my muse whispered to get pen and paper out and start jotting down some notes for clay ideas. OMGOSH!! I wrote down 7 different ideas for a Halloween witch series. As soon as the Chazman and I got home I had to, of course, sit down and start sculpting. I started working on some clay spell books.

Now.....did ya picture me jumping up, running around, busy busy doing this and that and being dressed like the mad hatter? HEHE (hope it made ya smile) I'm going to be jumping and running around again today and I hope I will have the strength to show some more WIP photos come tomorrow.

Until next time...............Hugs,

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  1. Tehehehe, oh yes, I pictured you alright, and it had me sniggering and figuring out which tune your muse was singing. I will have to teach mine whatever it was, she needs some encouragement. You keep that muse of yours singing, girl!