Monday, August 26, 2013

Happy Happy Monday!! (it is Monday, ri iight??)

Happy Monday to all. I hope that it's going to be an outstanding week full of adventures or at least filled with projects that you are so wanting to start OR finish.  I know that I have several projects I hope to finish this week and some I want to get started on. I will have to squeeze them in between some beach house cleanings this week but I CAN DO IT....oh yes I can. (telling myself that I can get those houses cleaned...peep talk ya know!!)

Saturday as I stated in my last post had no cleanings being done. YEA!! It was raining, of course, but we still had some fun places to go. We have a great flea market here and well...with it raining it seemed like the perfect time to go back and visit. Soooo HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY that we did too!! I found some treasures that had my muse not just singing but YELLING at the top of her wee lil lungs that I just had to purchase. Sooo, being the good artist that always (mostly) listens to her muse, I did!!

I love what I found....don't you? The vintage wooden carousel horse is going to have one of my Santa ooaks sitting on him. The bigger trunk I do believe is going to be holding toys that the elves have been busy making and maybe even an elf digging through them..hehe Can't ya just see little elf legs poking out and...ok ok enough for now. The small chest looks like it would belong to a witch in training and the "Kisses" clay pot would be perfect for a lil witch kissing booth ummm pot. The other two wooden boxes are going to become bases. The glass cats were a purrrrrfect find. I'm thinking of a lil witch that didn't quite perform her spell just right and ended up making her cat invisible. OMGOSH...I can only imagine the trouble ummmmm I mean I can only imagine how much more trouble Gabie and Pumpkin could get in being invisible. (trembling) Owwww!!

Now....I'm off to paint some of the pieces I have baked already and then work on a few more pieces that need to be baked and then sculpt a witch or two and then do some sewing on the little tooth faerie helpers and then...ok that might be enough for today, eh?

Until next time..........Hugs,

Psssstt....I also found two round wooden bases at another one of our local flea markets plus an added bonus. When we walked outside and I was getting back in the car I looked down and there was a giant dragonfly. Poor baby wasn't alive and the ants were all over him. I poured water on him to wash him off and his two biggest wings came perfect condition. I'm thinking they would look sweet on one of my lil witches.

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  1. WOW, those are some amazing finds!! I KNEW, you would have to use that carousel horse for one of your Santa- so incredible! And everything else looks like it's dying for some creative intervention- I LOVE those "invisible" cats- what an incredible idea!