Wednesday, August 28, 2013's Wednesday already???

Please forgive the time delay (HEY...I only missed a day this time) I have been a bit under the weather after my sweet, darlin son shared his tummy virus with me. Dang it all...I so need to teach that boy that he does NOT have to share everything!!!

Since the Chazman was sick for two days and then I ended up with it late Monday afternoon (and still am not feeling much better) I haven't been doing a whole lot except for doing the horizontal pause.(that's napping for those that don't know..hehe) I did get some sculpting between those pauses that is. Here's two WIP photos for you. The funky, whimsical skellie head is a candelabra....or at least I hope that's what he turns out to be. The white thing on the right is going to be a spell book and the open book is well....a open book with an owl sitting on top. I know...I's laying down at the moment but it won't be when the piece is completed. At least I hope it won't...if it does then that means the owl found the mouse juice..hehe.

I wanted to ask some of you how you go about doing some of your armatures...that is if ya don't mind me asking and if ya do then just don't answer....BAHAHA!!!  I normally use double wire for tall ones like the skellieabra and then twist them together, fold them in half and twist again. After all that twisting I wrap it in florist tape. (I like white but I only had green, so green it was...this time) After all the wrapping I apply a thin layer of regular school glue and let it dry completely. After that then I apply the clay. So far it's always worked and held up really well. I am curious as to how some of you do them though. I know....I know AGAIN....curiosity killed the cat....and to that I say...MEOW!!!! hehe

Until next time...........Hugs AND before I go I want to say that I hope each and every one of you are feeling AWESOME and healthy and do everything to keep those nasty germs away from you and yours. ^_^



  1. Hi Regi. Sorry you and the Chazman have been sick. He should be ready for school or has it started already? We go moved but not moved in. Everything is a mess and out of sorts.
    Hope you are feeling better and things are good in your part of the world.
    I don't do your type of art so can't help with the armature info.

  2. Gorgeus creations,,,,,,Regina,,,,,,thanks for your comments to my butterflies, i am working on new Twinchies sets.....i have been aske about new Japanese themes,,,wow,woww,wowww