Wednesday, December 31, 2014

An ending and a beginning!!

Ready for a new year to begin? Sure hope so cause it's only a day away!!! Some might be sad but then some might be glad but like always...where there is an ending there is a beginning. A time to start anew.

A brand new journal without any writings on the pages.....your journal.....make it one that at this time next year when you go back and reflect it will be a journal you will cherish and be proud of. No worries if a few pages aren't what you would want to share because as a new year begins so do new days. Each day being a new page to rewrite something not so good the day before or just to make sure you do better on this day. So, bye bye 2014 and HELLO 2015!!!

What are you doing to leave 2014 behind? Me? I'm finishing up Christmas gifts of course..hehehe!!! I'm making a new years resolution that I intend to keep. STOP laughing...I am going to...keep it that is...STOP!!! BAHAHAHAHA My resolution is that I'm going to make my gifts all throughout the year. A very good friend (yes YOU, Johanna) suggested that we get a rubbermaid tub and place gifts throughout the year in it so that next year this last minute "CRAZINESS" won't happen. Ummmm....perhaps the craziness on my end will still be here but at least gifts will be made and not add to it, yes?

The mister took our great nieces and nephews gifts to them this past weekend. Noooo, the Chazman and I didn't go this trip as I was a bit under the weather and he felt he had to stay home and take care of me. Such a good kiddo!! I made each one a gift with the exception of my oldest great nephew. STOP that laughing again. I'm not old. My niece just started really really young. Bahaha. I got him a big tub of soldier men to plan out battles with. I mean, HEY, he has two sisters. ^_^  They loved them I was told and that makes me happy happy happy indeed.

Now, I just finished with my sister's kiddos gifts and am thankful that my oldest niece in that krewe is headed to NOLA tomorrow and can hand deliver them. I talked to my youngest niece and told her that "Noooo, I didn't forget her" and her gift would be coming shortly. She was excited as it would give her a gift to open after Christmas. Hmmmm....another idea my smart friend (yes..I mean YOU AGAIN Johanna) that it might be nice to start giving a gift or two after Christmas. It would be a great way to lift spirits. At least I think so because right after the holidays when everything is put away and the house looks NEKKID well I could use a picker upper myself so I know others could too. Anyways, here's what they are getting.

Pretty natural starfish painted pink with sparkle sealer.

Handmade Monocle necklace

 Handmade wool bracelet.

Handmade rose quartz necklace

Now, the three images below (please forgive the quality as I took a pic of the pics on my computer as I already had these boxed up) are my own designs for my  youngest nieces Monster High dolls. WOW..those are some tiny waisted dolls. I did enjoy making these and am going to make more outfits to be put in the rubbermaid box for her next year gift. Each one has it's own hat to finish the piece off. Runway models!!!

Now that I finally can put 2014 behind me I need to decide just what 2015 will bring as far as my art goes. For me personally, I'm starting a new part time job on the 5th that can turn into a full time position come summer. I'm so excited peoples. I have plans (BIG PLANS) for this new year and this is going to start me on that path.

Until next year................Hugs,


  1. Happy New Year dear friend. With the passing of my mom I am slowly getting back on line.
    Wishing you the best year.

  2. Sounds like you've got some neat plans for this New Year; here's to hoping it's a grand for us, no?