Thursday, August 6, 2009

Felix...the CAT from Resyculbinz!!!

Felix the CAT is a mischievous cat...his big wide grin and emerald green eyes...pondering who is waiting just inside...behind the big door on this Halloween night...will it be a treat or a trick that Felix gets to act....ohhhh noooo don't let him come in...don't let him inside or all your goodies will end up in his bag!!!

Felix is a one of a kind design made out of Sculpey clay. He has a strong light bulb body with a wire armature for his legs and arms. He is washed with acrylic paints to give him more of a ceramic or old Halloween character look. His cat pumpkin is made from Sculpey clay as well and then washed with acrylic paints and MICA powders. The handle has tiny little glass black beads.
His base is a wooden block that has been hand painted with acrylic paints and then sanded to give it an aged look. It was ink stamped with a Halloween scene of a black cat, witch's pot and moon....with "C is for Cat" painted on. It is signed on the back by the artist and my artist mark imprinted on the back of his head. This piece is for sale. If interested please email,with characters name in the Re: section. Thank you for looking!!!
Price: $85 plus Travel Fare from Resyculbinz to your home!!!

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  1. Oh wow! I REALLY like him! Reminds me of that 'vintage' Halloween style.

    Peace Always,
    the DragonLady