Monday, August 10, 2009

WIP photos of Hagatha..the Bulb'z witch

Meet Hagatha...ok ok the start of Hagatha! You might recognize her....she has a famous brother. Uncle Fester from the Adams family!! Not really...I don't think...but she sure does remind me of him. They say beauty is in the eye of the behold...well...poor Hagatha will need everyone to be blind to see the beauty in her. Shhh just don't let her hear you say that she isn't the most fairest in the land cause she might just turn you into a "FROG"!!!!! Muahhhahahahaha (evil laugh)
Now I told ya not to let her hear you...see what someone went and themselves turned into a frog.

Here is Hagatha all in pieces...head..hands, shoes and that one unlucky soul that laughed.

I'm working on getting Hagatha all put together so check back often...and remember don't let her hear you say.."OMGOSH...what an ugly witch I see there today"

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