Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hagatha...Bulb'z Witch

She lives near an old oak tree...in a thatch hut not far from the sea....her name is Hagatha and she is as blind as a bat...but be watchful for if she wears her hat...she will hear you laughing at how ugly is she and before you know it, it's ribbet you'll plea. The frogs are many in this part of town, so hear my words and go way around...away from the thatch hut that sits by the sea. Take the stone road to town and no where by the old oak tree.... so it's not Hagatha that you will see.

Hagatha is one of my Bulb'z characters. Her body is a light bulb and her legs and arms are made from a wire armature. Her face, hands and boots are hand sculpted from Prosculpt clay without the use any molds. Her hair is Tibetan lambswool (sheared). Her face is hand painted using acrylic paints. Her arms and legs are wrapped in chenille wool. Her outfit is adorned with glass beads and tassels. Her boots are hand painted with acrylic paints using a rubbing technique to given them an old fashion appeal. Her poor victim that did not hear my warning is hand sculpted from sculpey clay without the use of any molds. He is hand painted using MICA powders. His eyes are tiny glass beads. Hagatha's base is a wooden block that has been washed in orange and purple hues and then sanded in places to give it that worn old look. A stencil was used for the star/hat motif and then painted with acrylic paints. She stands 14 inches from base to top of her hat.

Price:$85 plus travel fare from Resyculbinz to your town

Thank you for looking....if interested in Hagatha or any of the ooaks please email me.


  1. She is awesome! I love Hagatha! Great job on her, Regi!

  2. Wow, you work FAST girl! I feel for her poor hapless little frog there!

    Peace Always,
    the DragonLady