Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Another Starving artist tip....

I have already explained how I do things a bit different than others...yes yes I methods seem a bit quirky but HEY they work...LOL!!! I have always been one to recycle...for several reasons...1. to reuse something in place of throwing it away 2. to help keep our planet clean 3. because I couldn't afford to go out and buy materials at the craft store. It is amazing what you can use to design with, items that have served their main purpose in your home, ready to become something else entirely. So begins the adventure to the small township of Resyculbinz.
(pronounced Recycle bins...get it..hehe)

You start with a block of wood....a throw away from a inside remodel job....maybe from a new deck or maybe one of a long ago block play set. You have the base to their strength. Their, being the Bulb'z from Resyculbinz. No one pokes fun or laughs at the other because they all have the same body shape....that of a light bulb.
A few wraps of florist tape....a few twist of some wire and the Bulb'z starts to come to life. They are a humorous bunch. So much fun to look at....more fun to collect.

From the simple block of wood....the used light bulb...the twisted comes Santa. A jolly ole member of Resyculbinz.
There are so many other characters from Resyculbinz just waiting to show themselves. Theirs is a holiday town....characters from every holiday can be found. I see in the distance some of the Halloween Bulb'z coming town. Come and visit and don't be scared....they are just fun loving BOO characters stirring around.


  1. WOW. Way COOL idea!

    Peace Always,
    the DragonLady

  2. Wow...what a great way to recycle things! So very cute.