Saturday, August 1, 2009

Santa and Chester completed!!!! ;)

Santa just had to put on his spectacles so he could get a really good look at Chester. His master toy maker, Erin, took such time and care in designing this marionette.
Santa just had to show off his snazzy leather belt and shiny belt the time Christmas Eve rolls around he will be so round and jolly that no one would even know he has a belt on much less see the buckle....HOHOHO!!!!!
He is holding Chester up to inspect him and he can see that Erin did an amazing job....of which Santa had no doubts.
Santa and of several Santa ooaks that I will be designing for this year's Santa collectors. Santa is made with a strong wire armature and soft needle felted body. His head, hands and feet were sculpted by hand (no molds are ever used in my ooaks) out of Prosculpt clay. If you have been following my WIP blog on him then you will have all the other details.
Santa and Chester are for sale. There will be a COA that comes with them.....for my Santa ooaks I use a tiny old thyme Christmas book with the certificate pasted to the back inside cover. Thank you for following the making of this ooaks. Please email me if you should have any questions about this piece.
Price: $ 325.00 plus travel fare