Thursday, March 11, 2010

Find the Golden Egg!!

 Do you remember those wonderful Easter egg hunts where all the children took baskets in hand and searched high and low for eggs? Oh the joy and excitement to be the one that found the most eggs or even better, the one to find the Golden egg. For the Golden egg held a treasure.

Julee from Mommy's Memorandum is hosting such a hunt. Only this hunt isn't for the kiddies...well, not the small ones's for us grown up kiddies. It's what she calls her Easter Hop. Here let me have Julee explain:
Every day during Mommy's Memorandum's Easter Hop (Monday, March 15 and Friday, March 26) one BLOG will be the "keeper of the Golden Egg".

All blogs are eligible.

Mommy's Memorandum

Mommy's Memorandum Easter Hop!

Place the "Mommy's Memorandum Easter Hop" blog button (above) on your site. Then, place your blog's URL in the McLinky below.

Readers will be seeking the "Golden Egg Blog" to earn a mystery amount of BONUS entries for the giveaway featured that day by visiting blogs and clicking on the button.

Each night, starting on Sunday, March 14, I will use to select a number. If your blog is in that number slot, YOUR blog will be the "Golden Egg" Blog that day. I will contact the "Golden Egg" Blog, the day before their "Golden Egg" day  with further instructions.

**REMEMBER TO ADD YOUR BLOG TO THE MckLinky for your opportunity to be selected as the Keeper of the Golden Egg!** 

MckLinky Blog Hop

What are you waiting for....add your name to the list and let's get to "HOPPING"....what a great way to have new visitors and maybe a few new followers added to your site. Not only could you find a Golden Egg but you might just find some new friends along the way.

Hugs and Happy Hunting,


  1. How much fun is this??? I will definitely be back later to set this up on my blog too! Thanks for sharing!