Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Mad Hatter..

  March Hare...March Hare, you cranky ole rabbit....
Look what you have done to Dormouse simply out of habit...

You gave him that potion again did you not...
the potion that shrunk him
made him tiny and bound
and now fast asleep
in my tea pot he's found.

Oh my mind's in a quandry
what shall we do
for it's tea time
in 30 plus 2
March Hare March Hare, you cranky ole rabbit
you're fixin to see an angry Mad Hatter!!
Mad Hatter must have his tea...for tea time is precisely at 6...not sooner not later but right on the dot...I pity poor March Hare for filling him with anger...for everyone knows the Hatter is madder than any old Hare.

Mad Hatter is one of my ooaks to celebrate  "Alice".  He has a strong wire armature and permanently is in a sitting position.  His body is wrapped in wool yarn and then dressed in his finest clothes. All of which were sewn by hand using vintage fabrics. His face, hands and feet/shoes were sculpted using Prosculpt clay. His eyes and details were hand painted using acrylic paints. His hair is llama's wool. His top hat is made from felt.  Dormouse and the teapot were sculpted by hand out of Sculpey clay and then painted using acrylic paints and fine MICA powders. Hatter's seat is a paper mache star box (which has been sealed closed) and covered in an old Alice in Wonderland print. It has a fine covering of German glass, a yarn border and felt bottom. Hatter sits from top to bottom at 9 inches. He can be removed from his seat and sat where ever you like.  


Hatter will be going up to the Art & Soul gallery in Washington. I'm so excited about him making the journey. I know that he will just beg someone to take him home with them, just make sure he doesn't have any of those potion bottles with him...LOL!!!!

Until next time....



  1. Oh. My. Mad Hatter is amazing. Look at the impeccable detail right down to his shoe laces! He is stunning! That box is amazing too!

  2. Wow! Your Mad Hatter is gorgeous!

  3. Thank you Julee and E.J. I had so much fun with him. Alice and Cheshire Cat are next!!!

  4. Oh how exciting! He is amazing!!! I simply cannot wait to see Alice and the Cheshire Cat!!! :)
    ♥ Theresa

  5. You are out of control!!! Love it! LOL

  6. He is so charming. You have such a whimsical sense of humor. Love it.

  7. Seriously. Do you exist simply to amaze me? My jaw LITERALLY just dropped upon seeing this stunning piece! I think I want to be you when I grow up.

  8. He is a charming colorful little guy!!~ Have a great weekend....Debbie

  9. This Mad Hatter is amazing! You have such a talent Regi! Just saw the movie and then popping over here .... well that was cool. I am sooooo jealous. I have tried and tried to create 3D things but always fall short. Hey I'm having my first give-away at I know you're a follower, stop by for a chance at a nifty prize. God bless

  10. Fantastic work!!! You really have MAD skills, lol!!! I'm so proud of you!

  11. Note: Mad Hatter went to Washington then came home and visited with the gallery here. I just had to bring him home to sit among my teapots!!