Monday, March 8, 2010

Fun project weekend!!!

This weekend was one that I just needed some "wind" down time and I do mean "wind way down".  As with everyone in the country, the economy has taken it's HUGE bite out of us. Life goes on and so do we.

I LOVE my weekends because it's family time. We don't go anywhere but out in the backyard but we make it a fun place to be. We had a fire in the hot dogs and marshmallows this time around and OMGOSH Chaz gave the "sad" face...hubby was burning some of the old wood from a past project that wasn't appropriate for cooking over. Next time time!! We stayed out until it was just to chilly to be out which means as soon as the sun went down...we went in!!! What can I say...I'm old and get cold easy...LOL!!

Chaz didn't want fun time to be over so I asked him to come up to the studio with me and play. He loves to craft and I needed him for a project I wanted to do. I have this wonderful new friend, Julee, and since she was so kind as to let me be one of her featured artist last month I'm doing something special for her.I have been working on a pressie box...nooo, I'm not giving away a secret...she knows she is getting one just not what HER gift will be. When I get pressies in the mail Chaz is always so excited to have something in the box just for him too so I thought it would be nice to send Julee's crew something and let them be excited. Julee has a young son and I wanted to do something fun for him and something that he might could keep...a keepsake so to speak. I sat and thought and thought and knew I wanted to do something boys came to me..a frog. What little guy doesn't like frogs? Now my thing was what kind of frog. Here is where Chaz comes in. He is already an amazing whimsical artist. He has been drawing or doodling since he was big enough to hold a crayon. SO I asked him to draw mommie a frog. Rippert was born!!!!
This is Rippert on paper. I want to thank the artist, Chazman, for letting me cut this out and use it as a pattern for W's frog.

Once upon a time in the enchanted forest of Chazmainia, there was a cool and refreshing pond. This pond was hidden from humans but open to all the forest creatures, elves, gnomes and faeries around. This was a busy little pond. There were big goldfish having a spitting contest.....there were dragonflies swirling in the air and birds trying their best to catch them. Right in the middle, amongst the lily pads was one happy, smiling blue and green toad frog. Rippert was this handsome frogs name and he was enjoying this bright, happy day watching all the other creatures play. Rippert was not just any ole toad either. He was the best friend of the tooth faery. He enjoyed his time he spent with her. Sitting on the lily pad with her sitting on the tip of his nose and she was always telling him stories of the boys and girls that hid their teeth from her so she could find them. She was amazed at all the little teeth she had to find these days and she so needed some help. Rippert "HOPPED" up and said..."Ohhh, I would love to help you with the little children...what can I do?"  He and tooth faery sat and pondered until at the same time they both said "I/YOU can be the holder of the tooth until YOU/I  can get there". They sat and laughed and giggled. Rippert was so excited that he would be getting to help...he hopped up and grabbed his lil snail pouch and off they went. Now his job was to be a pal to the child he was given to....when the time came for tooth faery to come he would let his child put it in his pouch and then he would sit on the pillow or bed and wait for his human to drift off to sleep so that the tooth fairy could come and collect the tooth. What a frogtastic time Rippert would have....he was so excited and tooth faery told him she already had a child picked out for him. Rippert was ready to begin his journey and adventure with his new little human. He knew there would be fun...and cuddling and good times until that first little tooth whispered it was ready to come out.

I wish I could be a fly on the wall...noooo.that might be a bad idea..Rippert might just gobble me up  I wish I could see little man's face when he receives his Rippert. I hope they both will have some "hopping" good times together. 

What a fun weekend spent with my lil man....and look what we did together!!!!!!!!

Until  next time...

Regi and the Chazman (ohhh yes and Rippert)


  1. You touch my heart! I cannot believe Chaz drew that frog and the two of you brought him to life. I'm "jumping" with gratitude. You "toadally" rock!

  2. Toadally...LOL...Chaz likes that word!!! Rippert is very excited about coming to live with you. Of course, I will not be held responsible for any shanaagans he might try and pull ^_^


  3. Rippert came out wonderful--Chaz did a great job on the pattern! I enjoyed craft time with my daughter when she was young. We even had "craft desks" next to each other. As she grew older, she sat there less and less. I think I am going to cry.

  4. This is such a great project. Frogs have always made me smile and now they really do. My sister collected frogs so it is nice to see yours. Brings nice memories for me.

  5. Oh honey!! That froggie is amazing!! Love, love, love it!! You have such incredible skills and heart!

  6. Oh, he is seriously amazing! Absolutely fabulous!!! What a fun friend!