Monday, March 1, 2010

Wabbits, Wabbits everywhere..

All my friends that have been reading my blog since the first of the year know about my New Year's Resolutions. Yes, yes I know...everyone hates to make them because we always and I do mean ALWAYS seem to break them. Well, out of, let's just say several, I have managed to keep one. The resolution to have Holiday ooaks completed BEFORE the actual Holiday it goes with and not during or after!!! Here are some of the rabbits (or wabbits as Chazman would sound like he was saying) that I have designed for the Easter Holiday. To see more photos of these adorable, if I must say so, rabbits just go sit under the old ooak tree at my shoppe and look to see what can be found. Visit often as new pieces are being added on a regular basis.

This first little one is from my weebie collection. (small, usually under 4 inches tall or short I should say) They can be desk sitters (a gift you give someone or yourself to keep on a desk to remind you just how special you or the someone you give it to is), keepsakes (special gifts that mark an event...favorite team mascot) or an ornament(Christmas time or any Holiday time that you decorate with a can do a tree for almost any Holiday and if you see one of my weebies that you would like to have as an ornament just let me know so I can make yours with a tiny hanger)

This lil wabbit is a Dust Bunny. He is only 3 1/2 inches tall. Clay head and paws..wire armature body wrapped in no just's just fuzzy fabric to look like dust. His wings are made from two types of paper. The back of them for added strength is made from cardstock that has a printed old book page and the front of the wing is a real vintage piece of paper from some old book pages that I won during the OWOH event from a very whimsical and entertaining friend, J Ingle, better known as Jingle from Just Jingle. (you should really go check out her blog..she will have you smiling and giggling) DB is holding a tiny sign that reads "Some Bunny Loves you". Nice thing about signs is that you can change keep that in mind of you would like to order one and have a different saying. Just please keep in mind...tiny weebie meanes tiny weebie sign..LOL!!!

This next wabbit is one of my Bulbz characters that reside in the Resyculbinz township. Not familiar with the place, well, all the characters that reside there have bodies made of used light bulbs. Yes, ya read that right.
I love to find ways to reuse items...what better way to use a light bulb!!! This Victorian Beauty has a face and paws made from clay and a body made from a strong wire armature. He is then covered in vintage fur...oh it's just faux fur...from a poor teddy that had seen it's better days. His collar is made from a silk ribbon. His egg is of course an Easter egg. I put a light covering of vintage MICA flakes on him...I think it adds to the old world look. He stands up all on his own and you can gently pose his legs so he can sit down. Well, wouldn't you get tired of standing holding a great big Easter egg for to long? When standing from top of head to feet he is 5 1/2 inches but add those great big bunny ears and he stands at 7 1/2 inches tall.

This beauty is one of my Holiday ooaks. She has a clay face and paws....strong wire armature covered in a faux fur fabric. She has been washed with an acrylic paint to give her that old look. She is holding a pair of tiny Easter eggs covered in german glass and strung with tiny rose colored crystals. Her collar is a silk ribbon adorned with tiny silk ribbon roses. She stands from tip of head to feet at 4 1/2 inches but with those big bunny ears she is 6 1/2 inches tall. She too can also be made to sit...but gently!!!
I hope you enjoyed looking at my newest HOP on along and have a wonderful afternoon.

Until next time...


  1. Oh wow! They are all so cute. Fuzzy little wabbit goodness! : Theresa

  2. Woo Hooo!!!!! Dust bunny is MINE!!! I had to have him!

    You might like to know that our friend Jingle is guest blogging over at Everyday Bliss for MOXIE week! Look for that sometime later this week!

    And thanks for the cutest bunny EVER!
    Kathy over at Everyday Bliss

  3. Regina, Such adorable wittle babies! Makes me want to take them all home with me. And good for you with being ahead of the holiday; that's no small accomplishment.

  4. The bunnies are all adorable! I love the stories you tell in your shop descriptions!

  5. Regi,

    Nice job on these wee wabbits! They are all sooooo cute! Also, stopped by your etsy shop under the old ooak tree and my, oh my! I do believe a congratulations are in order for that 1st sell! From what I hear, dust bunnies ALWAYS find a home! :-D Nice job, I knew you could do it!


  6. Oh, my goodness!!! These are amazing! I LOVE your Dust Bunny and what a simply fabulous and innovative way to use those encyclopedia pages! I love it!!! LOVE. IT. Congratulations on your first shop sale, too, btw! I went over to check out Dust Bunny and it seems that Miss Sprinkle snatched him right up! I know she will adore him! Thanks a ton for the link love and the kind words!!!

  7. and :)
    you can google and find coupons for though i got most of my stuff from denverfabric

  8. They are so cute and reusing light bulbs? I love it!

  9. I wuv all your wascally wabbits! ;o)

  10. They are adorable, and who would love to have one of them around to keep you company.

    Thanks for linking to the party with the little cuties!


  11. They are darling! I'm sorry, but i just can't believe you make these incredible treasures! One of these days will you post a step-by-step? I don't want to make one, mind you, I'd just love to see the process!
    (true Scorp - has to know the behind-the-scenes!)