Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Chazman is so EXCITED!!!

The Chazman is so excited that this is going to be a short week at school. Unlike some of the other counties in Alabama where the kiddos have the whole week off, ours have to attend Monday and Tuesday. There don't seem to be any complaints from them...they don't feel like they are missing out. Since we live in a coastal town we have to set aside a day or two here and there in case of bad weather. You know, those mild winds we can get every once in awhile..ok ok not so mild but shhhhh I don't want them to hear me. Plus our kiddos get out on Fat Tuesday for Mardi Gras when most others don't.

Part of his excitement is that tomorrow has been set aside as ALABAMA or auburn day.      Which means that the kiddos get to wear their favorite team shirt or at least the colors of their favorite team. Can you figure out which one the Chazman roots for?  A's not that little bitty word you can hardly read. I can't type it any bigger because it is considered a very bad word in our household...well according to his daddy anyways. I have to admit that I do root for Au....umm oops, almost typed it, that other team when they aren't playing Alabama. But mums the not tell his daddy. I have to root for them quietly. OK let me get back to my main topic. My lil man is growing by leaps and bounds and I kid you not, I literally mean LEAPS and BOUNDS. Must be something about the fresh salt air because he has outgrown all of his clothes since we moved here in June. I know it's all a part of "growing up" no pun intended but that means we are having to buy clothes a bit at a time and OMGOSH it seems that sweatshirts and even tshirts for college teams are a bit pricey...for us right now anyways. He does have a nice red shirt that he wears for Alabama and since I don't want him to feel left out tomorrow with all the other Alabama fans showing their pride I made him a special pin. 

He loves it and that makes me big!!! He said that it was better than any shirt that just said Alabama on it. I just love this kid...always knows what to say. Thank goodness he loves one of a kind things his mom makes and also doesn't mind being one of a kind himself.

Until next time......ROLL TIDE and WAR EAGLE ummmm I mean...Regi


  1. You never stop amazing me with your talents. Neat!

  2. Chazman is lucky to have a one-of-a-kind mom like you! And I totally hear you about him growing out of all his clothes- our 11 year old son did the same thing, and we too are slowly refilling his closet!

  3. That pin is so cute!!! And yay for short weeks!!!

  4. how lovely and they don't stop growing and eating during the next years!

  5. Awww thanks everyone for such sweet comments. I just luv ya!!!

    Ohhh well I know and that's a very, VERY scary thing...LOL!!!


  6. How fun! I'm actually watching the Auburn game right now (vs. South Carolina.) My sister is a Crimson Tide-r too. :)