Monday, November 29, 2010

Have you heard of the Angel Program?

Times have been so hard for so many in the past 6 months to a year that live here on the coast. We are very thankful to live in such a loving and caring community. I didn't know just how caring until I discovered an online site called Freecycle. Have you ever heard of it? If you have then you know just how wonderful it is and how it works. If you were like me and have never heard of it then you should go and have a looksie. It is a site that lets you "offer" things to others that you no longer need plus you can ask for a "want" for something that you are in need of. Everything is free because the saying is true "One man's junk is another man's treasure". The best thing is that when you join (yes, that's free too) you are signing up in your area....not one that is far away.Of course, I signed up for it (HEY..I'm not a complete dingaling...ummm  I heard that...LOL) and discovered that they offer a Christmas program. I have never, ever had to sign up for any help....always hated to because I knew there had to be others out there worse off. I did however sign up this year..or Christmas morning was going to be mighty small for my Chazman and I am and have been making sure that all of our hard times haven't affected him as greatly.  He was accepted and I'm so happy and thankful and just overjoyed. See what I meant about such a caring community. I started reading more and more about Freecycle. I discovered how they are able to help so many children (infants up to 18 yrs) with Christmas. They have a program called the "Angel program". People donate new or gently used items that are put together for the kiddos. I was so happy that Chaz was in the receiving end that I had to do something to be in the giving end as well. I couldn't go buy anything (if I could then I wouldn't have had to ask for help) but I sure can make a few things. I have been working on some jewelry items....mostly for boys...they said that was one area they were having the least donations. I'm hoping to get a few more things done and even a few hair accessories for girls with supplies I have on hand. Here is what I made over the holiday.
Nothing to fancy but I do hope whomever gets them will like them. I did some of these for my teenage nephews last year and they liked them. least I had some of the same aged ones give me the confidence to do them as gifts to others. I'm still working on a few more. It's not much I know but it will be a gift at a special time made from the heart. Giving feels soooo good!!!

Until next time.....Hugs, Regi


  1. I use Freecycle a lot! I've received some great things and had the joy of giving some wonderful things, too!

  2. I freecycle up her in NY, too! It was mainly started here to keep things out of the landfills. I think it is a great way to pass on things you no longer need.

    Btw, you inspired me to enter a photo in the BHG contest & my was selected this week in the Holiday Decorating category! You can check it out on my blog!

  3. It is great isn't it Jennifer...LOVE it!!!!

    Debbie..I'm so proud of you. I will go and cast my vote for you. Best of wishes to get that #1 place sweetie.


  4. Gee, think I will go and check it out too. I'm sorry that it's been a tough year for you---but, I understand. There won't be any gifts under our tree save for the handmade ones and with Gus so sick this past year, I haven't had time to make even those. I like the jewelry you've come up with so far!

    Peace Always,
    the Dragonlady

  5. That is a great idea. I had heard of freecycle, but not of their christmas program.

  6. Hi Johanna....I know that your family started the handmade tradition a few years back and I think it's a wonderful idea. Once the Chazman gets to his young teenager years then that's what we are going to start doing. Gifts from the heart are always the best in my book. I do hope that Gus is doing better. You stay in my thoughts and prayers my friend.

    Kimberlee...I wish someone had told me about this awesome group when we were moving..I had tons of stuff to give away...LOL!! I'm just so thankful I discovered them now and that I live near so many caring folks.

    Hugs to ya both,

  7. This sounds like a fantastic group. I will check it out as well. If we don't start helping one another, even in the smallest ways how will any of us survive?
    Blessings Regina

  8. I love the idea of the Angel program. How sweet! I wish we had this in our community. I would love to make a few handmade gifts and gift them away as well. What a beautiful thing to do. I can't do much in the way of buying either. We are one of the unfortunate still under the ecconomy and with both of us sick and not much money, I am trying to promote my shop for extra cash. Hopefully one day I could do much more. Thanks for sharing and please keep us in your prayers as well. You may visit my shops at and or my blog at You are an Angel and I love all you do!