Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Old Belt to New Wrist Cuff

I spent Monday morning cleaning up the Chazman's room and the rest of the house so that I could put up our Christmas decorations. I had to rearrange some things so that I could put the tree in the family room corner and put my sofa table my Dad made in the dining room for my Christmas village to sit on. You should have seen all the dust bunnies making a run for it when I moved other furniture to accomplish this. "Shaking Head"...I'm so ashamed.   Once I got things moved around and all the decorations up, I sat down to admire all my hard work and suddenly realized that I had to clean house AGAIN. Some days I come to the understanding of why some folks call me ditzy....this was soooo one of them.

In opening some of my boxes that the decorations were in I discovered one of my old belts. And before you ask....I have no clue as to why one of my old belts was in a Christmas decorations box. (another one of those ditzy days I imagine) I think my muse put it there....for as soon as I saw it the light bulb went off. I have been making jewelry for the Angel program. (Click here to read about this amazing program) and immediately I saw some really cool leather bracelet cuffs. Something unique to give a teenage boy or girl. Since I was going to be making some I thought perhaps that I would do a small tut on how to make your own.

Of course you start with an old belt. Mine was in good shape which really makes me wonder why it was in that box. You can use an old belt too....worn leather has a really great look to it. Here are a few other supplies you are going to need.
An old belt...of course
Pair of scissors
Thin Leather cording
Medallion or bead
Cuff Link
Hole punch (nail and hammer if you don't have punch)
needle or something sharp to mark leather

First thing you are going to do is take the belt starting at the end where the holes already are. (Measure this out to about 9 inches and put make another bracelet later) Now take belt and measure off the length you want your cuff to be...keep in mind that the cuff needs to overlap on the ends. Everyone might need a different size but for reference here I measured mine out to 9 1/2 inches. Take scissors and cut the length. I like to round my corners. Next take one end and mark about 1/2 inch in. This is where the cuff link will go. Take your hole/leather punch or nail and hammer and make your hole.
Next, wrap the cuff around and mark where the hole will go on the other end. You can measure the same as before but I like to mark the hole so I know it will be in exactly the same spot. Get that nail and hammer and make that hole.
Now simply take the cuff link (ones that are smooth work don't want one that has a raised surface)  and push it through one of the holes with the cuff link face on the inside of the cuff bracelet. You just created the way to lock the bracelet on your wrist. You take the other end and push it onto the link sticking up and then simple push the catch down. Wasn't that simple!!! Now open your cuff back up and lay it flat.
Take the medallion or button or bead that you chose for your cuff. Lay it on the back (inside) of the cuff in the middle. Place your will need four. Two on the inside of the medallion and two on the outside. Punch holes where you have marked.
Next, take the thin leather cording and cut a piece about 12 inches long. You are a better judge since you may be using something bigger or smaller than my medallion. Clip one end at an angle, this makes it much easier to push through the hole.(I clip after each hole so my cording doesn't fray) Bring it through on the inside first..leaving a long tail in the back...coming up in the front of the cuff...lay your medallion down and then pull the cording through the next hole on the inside of the medallion and coming out in the back. Then do the other hole and then ending through the last hole with your cording having another tail at the inside of the leather cuff. Take the cording and tie it securely.
Tahhhh just made a leather bracelet cuff. I think that any teenager or male for that matter would love getting one as a gift....don't you? I hope that this tut will help you make some to give as gifts or simply to make some for yourself. Let your muse or as some would say, your imagination guide you.

Here is what I did with that first piece we cut. Follow the same directions to attach the cuff link. Since I already had holes in this piece I simply took one of my bone beads, took some cording, looped it on one end and ran it up through the bead hole...pull loop end through the middle hole on the cuff and make sure it will fit snug over the bead....then knot the cording on top of the bead.
Here is another idea too. This belt had such a cool buckle that I thought it would make an awesome cuff all by itself. Simply punch a few holes to make it look like a tiny belt.

Until next time.....Hugs, Regi


  1. Running through my house right now to look for old belts, LOL! Fun post, Regi!

  2. Very cute idea! I think I have one around somewhere....

  3. At least once a year my house gets cleaned in places that never do any other time of year....sounds like you have the same experience...LOL

  4. This is a very cool idea!! Chunky and rustic. Great job.

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  6. what a great idea. that first one would be great for a hipster teenager, too. good call!
    stopping by from hoh.

  7. Thank you all for the compliments. So happy that I shared something that provided some inspiration. I hope anyone that does one of these cuffs will let us know...I would love to see it.


  8. What a great idea to reuse an old belt -- very clever!

  9. That is so COOL! WHAT a talent you are - sooo clever and cute, xoxo

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