Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Alice and the gang!!!

Those of you that have been following me for some time know that I had the honor of being asked to display some of my whimsical ooaks at the Art & Soul Gallery in Bothel, Washington. Sadly, due to the hard times that seems to be reaching out to a lot of us, the gallery owner is going to have to close the doors.  That being said, my "Alice" series of ooaks have come back home. I have them listed in my Etsy shoppe for now but I may have found a gallery here in my hometown that may want to display them. It seems my ooaks are getting to live a most adventuresome life.

For those that haven't seen "Alice and her gang"....the following photos are for you. Even if you have already seen them I hope you enjoy seeing them again. If interested click on my Etsy banner over to the right. If you might be interested in the whole collection, email me and I will give you a nice little discount. Click on the caption under each photo to read the original post about each of my whimsical Alice characters.

As always, thank you for stopping by and visiting my whimsical world. Until next time,


Welcome Wednesday

I discovered this wonderful way to meet new friends from one of my good friends, Julee of Mommy's Memorandum.   There are already some amazing post from some very interesting folks and I think you would enjoy meeting them. Go to the wonderful host of Welcome Wednesday, Take it from me and join in the fun.

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hearts and Hands.

We moved to a coastal town to start a new adventure even knowing what an impact that the oil spill was having in the area. Times are hard for most here and I know that they are going to get worse before they get better. I will not leave, now that we are here, because just in the short time living here I have discovered that this is a community that loves....loves what the ocean gives to them and loves all the people that feel the same. We are very fortunate to have some very strong individuals that call our coastal community their homes too. One of those is Lucy Buffett.  She had a chat with one of the CBS news reporters and she spoke of what I feel in my heart as well. She made the comment that "the ocean, she will heal herself in time" and she will. She also talked about the fact that it is going to take each of us helping one another to make it through all of this. I have no doubt in the people that I have met so far that we will survive this...together. Having my muse whispering while I was sitting and thinking about what Lucy said made me want to doodle.

I'm going to take this doodle and try to do some tshirts with them for sale...donate a portion of any sale and start a fund to help in some way down here.. It's my community and I'm proud of it. A small way I know but I hope that I can count on some of my good friends to help by purchasing one.  Hearts and hands.....helping one another!! I will post and let you know when I get the tshirts up for sale. If you are interested please leave me a comment or send me an email. Thank you and until next time...........


Sunday, June 27, 2010

A day at the beach!!!

As most know, those of us here on the Gulf coast are having to deal with the oil spill. Some days are good..some days are bad. BUT and that's a big ole matter what the tide might have washed ashore the beach is still beautiful and the ocean sounds and smells soothe the soul. You have to watch which flags are flying each day, as some days there is no swimming allowed and that's for your safety. Some days though you can stick your feet in...reach in and retrieve that shell that washed up just under that last wave. There is so much to do here on our coast besides swim in the ocean. Sit and listen to the waves hitting the the seagulls dive in the water and come up with a tiny fish...a snack I presume. Build sand castles and dig holes. Watch the sun go down and the moon rise above. See the beautiful artwork that is God's gift to us....all the beautiful hues of purple, pink and blue. Just breathtaking.

Until next time.....Hugs, Regi

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!!!

 Today is the day that Dad's get told how much they are appreciated and loved. This should be done every day but especially today.  I hope that you have taken to the time to say "Happy Father's Day" it in person, a card, on the phone or just in your heart.

The Chazman and I, for the past few years, make his "Daddy" a card. We did it in the form of a special award this year with the following poem...written from our hearts.

Bestest of the Best

There are some men that are called “Father”
And I know that I am blessed
For I have a “Daddy”
Bestest of the Best….

He’s always there for me
No matter what the cause
To wipe a tear, to hear my laugh
Or just answer when I call…

He let’s me be the boy I am
Not trying to bend my will
But guide me with his gentle hand
Until one day when I’m a man…

I’m blessed to have my “Daddy”
And I’m so proud to say
That “MY DAD” is the
Bestest of the Best
Each and every day.

I love you Daddy!!

Until next time......


Monday, June 14, 2010

Southern Ooaks New Home

I thought today I would share some photos of my whimsical world's new home. So much light coming much inspiration to be had........that is if I can stop staring out the windows long enough to hear my muse's whisperings. ^_^

We are living in an old cottage style home. One with so much charm and character. If only the walls could talk, eh? My work place is divided up into different little areas. My main working bench and computer are in the area with three big picture windows looking out at some wonderful old oak fitting...I live surrounded by true Southern Oaks. There are large Camella bushes which have actually turned into trees, flowing English ivy leaping over the brick wall on our covered carport and several hydrangeas and lilies growing in between the old oaks.
My sewing area is on the other side of this divided room. It also holds an antique iron twin bed for when we have company. Plus my pie safe that holds tons of material and supplies. So can't believe I didn't think of using it before....amazing how things you have had for years take on a new role when you move.

There is a great cabinet and shelving dividing the room into such wonderful areas. I used the shelving as a perfect place to set my ooaks. They are looking out the windows at all the magnificent old oaks. The cabinets beneath hold supplies and some of my weebies.

I hope that you have enjoyed your tour of our new place.'s time to go fill up the birdbath again and get to sculpting.

Until next time.....


Friday, June 11, 2010

YOU have been MISSED!!!!

Our move is complete....boxes are unpacked...things are in place and it already feels like HOME!!!

Time away from my blog has been hard but it was probably a good thing that we didn't have internet until today....I don't think that all the boxes would have been unpacked so fast...LOL!!  We love our new town. Everyone here is so laid back and always smiling. A perfect fit for our little family. 

We live in a community that has so many wonderful places in walking distance. The Chazman and I finally got out yesterday and did some exploring. We visited the local drug store which has a working old timey soda fountain. Items from long ago can still be found sitting on the shelves....a train that travels all around the store on a high rail and soda fountain tables to sit at while enjoying a favorite delight. Of course, you know that we just had to sit and enjoy...nothing like sharing a strawberry malt on a warm day. After the last strawberry was found in the bottom of the glass we decided to walk down the street and see what other hidden treasures could be found. Two doors down from the drug store we found an artist gallery....I couldn't believe it. I told Chaz that we would go in and explore. Look but don't touch and be very quite. Leave it to my son to yell out as soon as we walked in..."My mom is the greatest artist in the world".  One of the ladies started laughing and asked me what type of art I did. I told her about my ooaks and she invited me to bring some in so she could take a look and us talk about placing some with her. Now you see why I love this town so much already. So many wonderful places still to explore and we have a whole summer to discover all there is to offer.

I have so much inspiration here. I have three large windows that make up one wall in my studio and in watching all the squirrels, birds and some of the biggest butterflies I have ever laid my eyes upon my muse started whispering of mother earth. So begins my first sculpt here in my new home....I promise some WIP pics soon. Have to find my camera that somehow has been misplaced.....thought I had all my boxes unpacked...LOL!!

I'm so happy to be have all been dearly missed and I hope that your visits here will be greatly enjoyed with all the new characters I have knocking at my imaginations door.

Until next time..........BIG HUGS,